Pacey Promotions Expresses Why Highly Motivated Workers are the Best Thing for Your Business Right Now

Direct sales and marketing firm Pacey Promotions, promotes the benefits of a motivated workforce and shares their tactics on how they encourage their contractors to remain motivated.

About Pacey Promotions:

In general, motivation is what energises, maintains and controls behaviour; which is why it plays such an important role in the workplace. It is widely accepted that motivated workers generate higher value and lead to more substantiated levels of achievement. Research has show that motivated workers will:

1. Always look for a ‘better’ way to complete a task

2. Be more quality-orientated

3. Work with higher productivity and efficiency

Keeping workers motivated and engaged is the key to every organisations’ success. Unfortunately, there is no exact science to motivating workers since different people are motivated by different things at different times. But when looking to drive motivation and engagement within a workforce, there are a few key factors that should be followed. Pacey Promotions highlight these factors below:

Communicate with workers - business owners and managers should know their workers as people first and accommodate their uniqueness while managing towards high performance. Consistent communication will result in higher engagement and motivation because people will feel invested in.

Set clear goals - a lack of clarity can lead to increased frustration. Motivated and engaged workers will have set outcomes and performance goals.

Always focus on strengths over weaknesses - focusing on strengths is far more effective. A strength-based culture is one that produces more and significantly better work and generates motivated workers.

Pacey Promotions is a vibrant and energetic sales and marketing company based in the heart of Manchester. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing as they believe this marketing method produces the best results possible. The firm highlights how these unique marketing campaigns are easily measured and therefore any changes can be implemented straight away, helping the campaign to perform better. Pacey Promotions highlights that in an incredibly fast-moving world, consumers desire the personal touch from their favourite brands that can only be offered through direct marketing.

In addition to following the key factors highlighted above, Pacey Promotions use a range of strategies to keep their workforce motivated including, voluntary motivational workshops, competitions, rewards, travel opportunities and networking opportunities.


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Pacey Promotions Expresses Why Highly Motivated Workers are the Best Thing for Your Business Right Now