Pacey Promotions Celebrate as Manchester Claims Top Spot For Youth Entrepreneurship

After a recent study by Barclays found that Manchester is leading the way for young business owners, Pacey Promotions have shared what they are doing to contribute to the city's support for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

A new report into small business growth by Barclays recently uncovered some exciting results for budding entrepreneurs in the Manchester region. The 2016 Barclays UK Prosperity Map found that not only are entrepreneurial hotspots outside of London thriving with Bournemouth, Manchester and Cardiff leading the way, but the average age of entrepreneurs is falling. The report found that when it comes to starting a business, Manchester has the lowest average age of entrepreneurs, which is great news for young aspiring entrepreneurs in the region.

About Pacey Promotions:

Pacey Promotions, a leading sales and marketing force in Manchester, is confident the results of the study could provide young business professionals in the city with a much-needed boost. The results confirm that Manchester is a great environment for supporting and nurturing young business talent, and could help encourage young people to expand their horizons and aim higher professionally.

Pacey Promotions have sensed a growing entrepreneurial spirit in the city and have recognised a focus on educating and supporting those interested in starting a business and contributing to the local economy. Pacey Promotions have made this focus a significant part of their business mission since their establishment so that they can grow the outsourced sales and marketing industry throughout the North West. The firm offer contractors who are interested in pursuing business leadership and entrepreneurship the opportunity to learn one on one from industry mentors, attend optional skills workshops, travel to regional industry events and take part in national networking events. These opportunities adequately prepare young professionals with the skills, know-how and motivation to rise up within the industry and build a bright future as a sales and marketing entrepreneur.

Pacey Promotions is a Manchester-based event marketing firm who work closely alongside their clients to develop highly personalised marketing campaigns that connect with customers on a meaningful level. Pacey Promotions implement these campaigns directly to consumers via face-to-face marketing methods, which allow them to deliver an exceptional and highly tailored customer service. This leads to longer-lasting relationships between brand and consumer, which drives greater customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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Pacey Promotions Celebrate as Manchester Claims Top Spot For Youth Entrepreneurship