Pacey Promotions Encourages Greater Entrepreneurship within their Industry

After reports that small businesses and start-ups are currently bolstering up the economy post-Brexit, sales and marketing firm Pacey Promotions have outlined what they are doing to encourage more sales and marketing professionals to start their own businesses.

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In a report by Npower Business and Capital Economics, it was revealed that small businesses are currently keeping more than half of people in the UK in work, with 16.8 million people reportedly working for SMEs. This figure accounts for almost four-fifths of the rise in private sector employment since 2010, therefore contributing significantly to the UK economy and employment growth.

The positivity surrounding SMEs is set to support the UK economy with a predicted growth rate of 2 percent over the next 5 years. This well outweighs the initial growth rates predicted after the UK voted to leave the EU, and suggests that SMEs are currently bolstering up the UK economy and generating immense positivity in what has, for many, become a time of great uncertainty.

Pacey Promotions, a sales and marketing SME were not surprised to learn of the impact small businesses are having in the UK, however, would like to see more evenly widespread entrepreneurship. The Npower and Business’ Capital Economics report found that, when it comes to starting new businesses, certain regions in the UK are performing better than others: London, Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham, Brighton and Hove, and Manchester were all found to be the best places to start a new business in the current climate. This was decided on a number of core factors, such as access to skilled workers, property rental costs, government policy and broadband speed. Whilst these factors are all integral to SME success, Pacey Promotions believes that one of the biggest benefits of starting a business within the sales and marketing industry is that start-ups are not confined by these requirements.

“Being an outsourced industry, we travel to locations on our clients behalf, which allows us to thrive in a number of key markets,” said a spokesperson for Pacey Promotions, “It’s also commonplace in our industry to offer learning opportunities and skills workshops internally, we love offering people the chance to build themselves up, therefore we never feel the need to specifically seek out workers with previous skill or experience – there is a lot of freedom within the industry.”

Pacey Promotions also believes that due to the increasing demand for flexible, more personalised marketing methods, there has never been a better time to pursue sales and marketing entrepreneurship. An increasing number of brands are turning their backs on mass marketing, and digital marketing techniques in favour of more meaningful and impactful face to face solutions. These in-person brand interactions have allowed customers to reconnect with brands and feel valued – leading to higher retention and loyalty rates, stronger brand awareness and a high return.

To keep up with this growing demand Pacey Promotions have made it a priority to prepare the next generation of sales and marketing business leaders. Through optional skills workshops, one to one mentoring, networking and travel the firm offer young professionals the chance to increase their understanding of the industry and lay the foundations for a bright and successful future as a sales and marketing business owner. The firm is confident that this will not only support the continued growth of the industry but will also act to strengthen the UK economy in the coming years.

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Pacey Promotions Encourages Greater Entrepreneurship within their Industry