Our Sansar providing the Nepal Earthquake relief assistance

With the death toll ever rising, and the true extent of this disaster unknown, our only option is to help where we can. Millions of children have been displaced by this catastrophe, many more have lost family members and their homes. The international community has provided enormous support to Nepal in the wake of the earthquake; naturally this support is focused on densely populated areas.

From our position in Southern Nepal near the Indian border, and through our connections with local organisations, we are able to reach these remote communities and with your help provide them with blankets, tents and much needed toiletries. Our children's home is able to provide shelter to displaced and now homeless kids.

After consultation with the Nepalese authorities and other NGOs, including CWIN and Red Cross, we identified the largest need for relief assistance to be in the Dhading district, near the epicentre. Before the earthquake, within 16 villages in that area, there were about 5000 houses – now there are 20-30.

It has been raining since the earthquake and most people in villages couldn't get shelter or food, and no assistance has been available to them so far.

The amount of people injured, or worse, is still unknown. So far almost 400 bodies have been recovered from that area but the number is likely to rise significantly. The aid is starting to reach some of the villages in Ghorka and Dhading. Our Sansar staff are now on the way to the Dhading district to deliver tents and blankets to those that desperately need them.

The villages that we will be getting the aid to are within these 6 VDCs (Village Development Committees – each VDC usually consists of 2-3 villages): Phulkharka, Mulpani, Gumdi, Slyankot, Jyamrung, Tripureshwor

Problems have also been with banks not letting people withdraw larger sums of money so this slows the relief efforts as well.

We hope to be able to assist as many people as possible in that region where some of the villages are very difficult to reach. We still can't say how many people have been affected by this disaster as the numbers are constantly changing. What we do know is that there are many people who are now faced with rebuilding their lives. With your support these people and communities can start to clear away the debris, rebuild and get back on their feet much quicker and more easily than if they had to do it on their own.

Please support us here or please forward the link to anyone who might be able to help.


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Our Sansar providing the Nepal Earthquake relief assistance