Online spiritual retreat and members club “I, GODDESS” launches bringing mindfulness to business

Natalie Hollywood, Director of Pachel Ltd, announces the launch of her new digital spiritual retreat and membership site, I, GODDESS. The product is the first to offer online spiritual teaching and community in honour of the Divine Feminine and will be uniquely marketed through personal recommendation alone. The annual retreat combines spirituality, networking and conversation under a Spiritual teacher's guidance and is built around a three hour gathering every Sunday. The "No Ads ever" commitment is one very close to the heart of I, Goddess founder Natalie Hollywood.

"As a spiritual teacher and new mother sharing a message online, it is crucial to me that I live by the integrity of my message. Advertising methods across the digital space discourage conscious awareness. Platforms frequently attempt to monetise and manipulate the conscious attention of the individual user. The consumer essentially pays with their attention to gain “free” access to an online service when it is funded by advertising revenue.”

I, GODDESS leads the way in the creation of socially responsible digital content creation and distribution by offering an online service that does not utilise advertising nor social media for growth or revenue. The I, GODDESS “(Co)Mission" referral marketing incentive gives 20 per cent of the annual membership fee back to any member that has recommended another. I, GODDESS reclaims conscious awareness for the consumer by bringing mindfulness into the arena of online activity.

"People like their Spirituality and their social media to be free. The fact is, someone has to build and maintain the church. The (Co)Mission makes I, GODDESS free to those that wish to help me to grow the community. Those that already have a substantial presence online can transfer themselves, their followers and friends over to I, Goddess with a huge return. Business creation and networking is encouraged across the platform”

With a genuinely disruptive marketing model in the digital age, I, GODDESS, aims to create a precedent for conscious consumerism online. The annual retreat begins with an online event this Saturday, March 20th, at 1.30 pm GMT, with an open invitation for all.


I, GODDESS aims to fill the gap in societal power by reclaiming conscious awareness for the individual. Using the spiritual structures of Ancient Greece as its jumping-off point, I, GODDESS encourages socially responsible activity by promoting intuition, empathy, and spiritual awakening as strengths. Combining the mindfulness of a Spiritual retreat with the networking and community of a private members club I, GODDESS aims to transform the way that consumers, influencers and businesses interact online.

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Online spiritual retreat and members club “I, GODDESS” launches bringing mindfulness to business