On-Demand Doctors, Nurses Healthcare Services App Courting Investors

Scruubs, an app that will provide "Uber-like" on-demand, non-emergency health and wellness services by doctors, nurses and other professionals, has opened their startup round to global investors.

Atlanta, GA USA. Over three hundred licensed medical and non-medical professionals have signed up to begin taking house calls for Scruubs when it launches in October. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians and others can be requested to homes or offices to perform routine care, examinations and clinical tests. Other available services include cleaning orderlies and medical transportation drivers. Scruubs began taking applications for the medical positions in July and surpassed their goal in two weeks. The healthcare disruptor app has now opened a startup round for accredited investors and potential business partners.

"We expected a huge interest from medical professionals, but not as many applicants as we received," says Lisa Lamb, Scruubs founder and chief operations officer. "We are limiting the onboarding amount to two hundred for the launch, and adding more as demand grows. There are several primary care doctors in the major counties that want to participate and we are really happy with the early support we've received."

Scruubs does not require or accept health insurance. The amount per Scruubs visit by a licensed medical professional is from $50 - $100USD, and medical rides start at $1.50USD per mile. Users will be able to use a major credit, debit card, third party payment services or cryptocurrency to pay for their visits and medical rides.

"Our goals are to reach the unemployed and the uninsured in the midst of the healthcare crisis," says Lamb. "We also wanted to add multiple, new era payment options to make us attractive to millennials. Healthcare shouldn't be limited to monthly premium debits from bank accounts."

Scruubs will provide additional income to medical professionals who would prefer not to work in hospitals or clinics. Scruubs professionals are not employees, but trained, licensed, insured independent contractors. Scruubs requires proof of license to practice, background checks and drug screening of all professionals before they will be allowed to use the application. Scruubs is the brainchild of a private practicing nurses aide that has programmed the application to operate similar to the popular ride-sharing model.

"I hated working in hospitals and nursing homes under strict schedules and administrative rules. Scruubs will allow doctors and nurses to provide care on their own terms, and in the patient's best interests."

Scruubs has opened its startup round to accredited investors and partners directly from its official website, and the founder will address accredited investors and potential partners in a pitch webinar on 506er.com later this month.

"We definitely want to grow and make health and wellness services accessible without having insurance," says Lamb. "Getting the right investors and partners on board early will help us with our mission. We want Scruubs to be an international brand."

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506er.com is an investor and crowdfunding pitch site. For more information about Scruubs' upcoming pitch, https://506er.com

About Scruubs

Scruubs is a Georgia-based U.S. Corporation that will provide non-emergency healthcare and wellness services via mobile application. Accredited investors may purchase shares directly from https://scruubs.com

Official website: https://scruubs.com

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Lisa Lamb, MA, CNA, PCT.   

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