O’Connor Marketing Share their Secrets to Getting More Done

Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing has revealed this week their secrets to increase company productivity, and shared how taking to the skies has helped them to improve business performance dramatically.

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Based in Sydney, O’Connor Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing specialist that conducts promotional B2B and B2C campaigns for clients from the telecommunications, energy and charity sectors. The firm is incredibly passionate about what they do, and this is reflected in the quality of the marketing and sales campaigns they create and manage for their clients’ brands. Due to the in-person, face to face approach they take to marketing, the firm relies heavily on their workforce sharing their passion and enthusiasm for the industry and believes it is this that gives them the edge over other marketing solutions.

Keen to investigate just how much of an impact their workforces’ attitude has on the results they generate for their clients, the firm recently considered the relationship between company morale and productivity. The company was instantly drawn to a study conducted by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy. The 2015 study involved 700 participants, from this group, individuals were chosen at random and either shown a 10-minute comedy video or given snacks and drinks. After this, participants were asked a series of questions to ensure the experiences had made them happy, before being asked to complete various tasks to measure their productivity levels.

The study found that happiness increased productivity by an average of 12% with the highest increase being 20%. O’Connor Marketing discovered that their own experiences reflect the results of the study, reporting that O’Connor Marketing discovered that their own experiences reflect the results of the study, reporting that focusing on improving morale among their workforce has led to better performance and higher productivity. .

As a result, O’Connor Marketing has voiced their commitment to spreading happiness throughout their organisation through specially organised activities and incentives. This has seen the firm take part in a wide range of fun days out designed to push their professionals outside their comfort zones. Most recently the company has taken a helicopter ride over Sydney and challenged themselves to the Wild Ropes Course at Taronga Zoo.

The company has noted that as well as creating a more open and happy work culture, these activities have had a significant impact in other areas too. ‘We try to organise activities that are not only fun but which open up new experiences and challenges. This has driven our workforce to be more daring and seek out new opportunities, which is helping everyone to move forward and find the courage to chase bigger goals in the workplace’ stated O’Connor Marketing.


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