Nude or Prude? Naked Hiking “Sounds Fun” to 35 Million Americans

Each year, Naked Hiking Day is observed on June 21: the summer solstice, or midsummer.

1,000s of hikers across the USA are preparing to hit the trails naked - but is the American public ready for them?

A new poll from Effortless Outdoors, the outdoors blog, shows that more Americans are in favour of hoodie-free hiking than one might have thought.

Fourteen percent of Americans think naked hiking “sounds fun”, while 31 percent said they would have “no problem” passing naked hikers on the trail.

Naturists shouldn’t throw all their hiking clothes in the trash just yet, though. Around 30 percent of Americans believe it should be limited to “specific places” and 24 percent were of the opinion that “it shouldn’t be allowed anywhere”.

Bertie Cowen, CEO of Effortless Outdoors and naked hiking curious, said: “America is deeply divided right now, so it’s great to know there’s a cause that 75 percent of us are open to: naked hiking.

“This poll shows around 35 million adults in the USA think naked hiking sounds fun, which means if you go down to the woods on 21 June, you might be in for a big surprise!

“If you do decide to go hiking naked on 21 June, the most essential things to carry are a quick cover up in case you come across non naked hikers, particularly family, SPF and, of course, lots of water.

“I would recommend taking more insect repellent than usual, too.”

More tips for naked hiking include:

1. Go in a group

2. Hike a trail you know will not be busy

3. Stick to public lands like National Forests & Parks and certain state lands where nudity is not illegal (like Oregon)

4. Carry shorts or other cover-up for trailheads and crossing roads

5. When you encounter “textilists” don’t panic! Smile and say hello!

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More information about the survey, as well as tips on how to go naked hiking, can be found at

Between 24th and 27th May 2019, Effortless Outdoors polled 1,505 adult Americans (weighted to account for age, gender and region) with the following multiple choice question:

June 21st is "Naked Hiking Day". Which of the following statements best describes your attitude towards naked hiking:

  1. It's fine, I have no problem with it
  2. It should only be allowed in specific places
  3. It shouldn't be allowed anywhere
  4. It sounds fun!

The answers were randomized and the following results were returned:

31% responded “It's fine, I have no problem with it”

30% said “It should only be allowed in specific places”

24% said “It shouldn't be allowed anywhere”

14% said “It sounds fun!”

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