Norfolk & Suffolk Shares 5 Enticing Ways To Improve Your Event Marketing Skills

Experts in event marketing strategies Norfolk & Suffolk outlines top industry tips for business professionals to improve their direct marketing skills and develop engaging marketing campaigns.

Based in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk Promotions is a sought-after sales and event marketing firm that provides national brands with face-to-face marketing solutions. The marketing campaigns created and rolled out by the company deliver a highly personalised customer buying experience and forge meaningful and long-lasting business relationships between brand and consumer. Norfolk & Suffolk Promotions are highly skilled, experienced and sought after for their direct marketing services.

About Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions:

Norfolk & Suffolk Promotions believes in the power of direct marketing and in-person communication and utilises this business strategy to deliver exceptional results to their client's consumers. Direct marketing is a marketing technique that allows for a brand to make direct contact with customers to sell a brand's products and services. More and more companies turning to direct marketing because of the tangible and immediate benefits; a well-executed direct marketing campaign will help a brand to boost sales, increase customer loyalty and retention rates and generate new business leads.

With the increase in popularity of direct marketing, Norfolk & Suffolk Promotions share five enticing ways that a business can use to improve their event marketing skills.

Have a target audience - it is important to be educated on the right target market before executing a direct marketing campaign because this will save money and increase ROI.

Create a look that is memorable - it is important to stand out to customers and to be remembered while at the same time reinforcing the marketing message.

Sell solutions, no products - an important rule! Consumers care about their individual needs and want, so tailor goods and services that will solve customer problems.

Customers use the heart before the brain - consumers make decisions based on emotion and then justify that buying decision with logic.

Remember the basics - for a direct marketing campaign to work there must be:

1. An offer

2. Information about the offer

3. A call to action to respond to the offer.

Event marketing is an engaging type of direct marketing and a robust method that businesses can be used to communicate with consumers directly. The client's using Norfolk & Suffolk Promotions direct marketing services all agree that face-to-face marketing methods are far more engaging and have guaranteed the results that the business is looking for.

Companies seeking to outsource their marketing campaigns should contact Norfolk & Suffolk Promotions for the best results


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