New UFO Film States That The Deep State Illuminati Are Using Holographic Tech To Create A False Alien Invasion!

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Religion and Science Collide in a Revelatory UFO Exposé!

From the Spiritual to the Paranormal to the realm of Quantum Physics, the compelling documentary GOD VS. UFOs from director Mark Christopher and BayView Entertainment explores the varied facets of the phenomena as never before.

BayView Entertainment LLC in conjunction with director Mark Christopher continues to explore the origins and nature of UFOs in its latest documentary release, God vs. UFOs. Are they a natural phenomenon? A scientific construct? A spiritual apparition? God vs. UFOs takes a deep dive into the possibilities.

In this fascinating exposé, viewers will have the opportunity to delve into which of these potential explanations for UFOs may possibly provide the answers:

  • A centuries-old mode of interdimensional transport for fairies, angels, ghosts, and demons.
  • British and US government officials’ claims that UFOs are demonic or Satanic in origin.
  • The “Project Blue Beam” theory of the Deep State or Illuminati using holographic technology to pull off a false alien invasion or 2nd coming of Christ to usher in a One World Government.
  • Human manifestation of UFOs through brain power and meditation, aka “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind.”
  • …and more!

A host of experts from related fields lend their insights, including Harvard Professor Avi Loeb, retired UK Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope (from hit TV show Ancient Aliens), Demonologist Ian Broadmore, UFO author and curator of the Great British UFO Learnng Centre John Hanson, the Reverend Daniel Thompson, UFOlogist and author Philip Kinsella, and oted paranormal TV show hosts including Yvette Fielding (host of Most Haunted), Guy Thompson (Nub TV), and Evelyn Hollow (BBC’s Uncanny).

Evelyn Hollow asks, “How do particles blip in and out of existence? But we know that they do. So, is it possible that you had enough of these particles together or something else that's governed by the same principles has the same components? Can it also blip in and out of existence?”

Professor Loeb theorizes, “If another civilization like ours existed billions of years ago, they had much more time to develop their science and technology… there would be a sense of religious awe as we won't fully understand what we are looking at, especially if one is dealing with the effects of quantum gravity.”

These mind-blowing questions come to the fore in God Vs. UFOs… a must for any UFO enthusiast!

View the trailer here:

God Vs. UFOs releases June 25, 2024

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