New Terror Incident Training launched by Code Blue Education

New course will train key staff to handle Active Incidents and Terror Response with focus on saving lives.

West London based Code Blue Education are launching an innovative and much needed training course aimed at key staff at all public, commercial and educational premises to train them how to proactively respond in an active terror incident with the key focus of preserving life.

Code Blue Education specialises in medical training and has created the training course with advice from Homeland Security in the United States, with the support of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Unit and security experts in the UK. Coupled with Code Blue’s experience in terrorist incidents, the training will provide attendees with the expertise to respond correctly during the active incident and to provide the critical medical support immediately required.

The course has been created by Chantelle Newman, director of Code Blue Education who attended several bombings and mass shootings in the 1990’s; Dr Richard Cullen – former Metropolitan Police Commander who devised a system of contingency planning and disaster management and was ground commander at many terrorist attacks such as the IRA mortar attacks on Heathrow Airport; and Adrian Heili a London 7/7 bombing survivor whose medical intervention saved lives at Edgware Tube Station. In 2008, Adrian was awarded the Stanhope Medal for Outstanding Bravery, the Silver Medal of the Royal Humane Society and in 2009 the Queen's Commendation for Bravery.

Commenting on the training, Chantelle Newman said ‘With terrorist attacks happening now at any place people gather, we feel this course will help prepare key members of staff to react in the best way to preserve life’. She added, ‘We all hope that we avoid these threats, but managers of premises must take action to train their team to be ready to deal with these incidents’.

The ‘Active Incident / Terror Response Training’ lasts one day and covers key areas such as workplace emergency procedures, where to run and hide, informing the police, emergency medical treatment and victim removal. All attendees are given a ‘survival kit’ that contains key medical equipment to help preserve lives. Training is provided at Code Blue’s West London training centre or at client’s place of work. Regional training days will also be arranged from November 2016.

The training is aimed at key staff at premises such as sports venues, educational facilities, shopping centres, hotels, hospitality venues, places of worship, airports and large commercial centres.


For further information please contact Code Blue Education on 020 8579 3388 or email

Chantelle Newman, Dr. Richard Cullen and Adrian Heili will be available for interviews.

About Code Blue Education

Code Blue Education is a fully accredited London based training centre, committed to providing the best training for the Healthcare, Public and Diving Industry. Code Blue offers a wide range of accredited courses.


Chantelle Newman - South African EMS, Trauma specialist - attended several bombings and mass shootings in the 90s, now trained by Homeland Security instructors on Active Incident and Terror training.

Dr Richard Cullen - Retired Police Specialist, Chief Superintendent in the 90s, Met Police Commander from 1997 to 2001, Senior Civil Servant in the Home Office and Ministry of Justice from 2002 to 2011. Specialist in Risk Assessment model for major events and worldwide speaker on Contingency planning on terrorist attacks. Devised a system of contingency planning and disaster management and was ground commander at many terrorist attacks such as the IRA mortar attacks on Heathrow Airport

Adrian Heili - South African EMS, IHCD Ambulance Technician UK, NATO Military Police, Remote Trauma Medic, 2015 London 7/7 bombing survivor and Hero. Adrian saved a man’s life and 16 other casualties at Edgware Tube station, Adrian was given the Stanhope Medal 2008 for outstanding bravery in saving Danny Biddle. Adrian was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Humane Society and Queen's Commendation for Bravery in 2009.

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