Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray is a unique new concept in the battle against colds and flu, RSV, and year round viruses such as coronaviruses¹.

Targeting the nose, as the body’s main entry point for respiratory viruses, Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray combines unique thixotropic properties which create an effective and long lasting barrier film on the surface of the nose to help keep viruses out, while delivering a targeted dose of scientifically proven anti viral ingredients.

One spray of Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray per nostril provides 4 hours protection from airborne viruses, making it particularly useful on occasions where the viral risk may be high, such as public transport, restaurants and pubs, offices and social gatherings. As it’s steroid and drug free, Nasofed Anti Viral Spray is not only suitable for adults but also for children aged 1+ under adult supervision, and has been proven highly effective in the prevention of RSV¹ which can seriously affect children.

How is Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray Different ?

Unlike many conventional nasal sprays, the unique thixotropic properties of Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray immediately transform the liquid spray into a thin, soft protective, moisturising film on the nasal mucosa surface so there is no danger of the solution running off the nose. This film creates a long lasting barrier against virus particles, whilst at the same time delivering an accurate dose of powerful and scientifically proven anti viral ingredients, a highly effective combination to help protect from viruses , and help stop colds and flu in their tracks.

Says Dr Sarah Jarvis, medical advisor to Nasofed, “Viruses continue to affect our daily lives, whether that be year round viruses or more seasonal viruses such as colds and flu and RSV, all of which are particularly prevalent at the moment. As well as taking the recommended precautions of hands, face and space, in situations of increased viral risk, a thixotropic nasal spray delivering anti viral ingredients will also help protect you. It’s a real step forward in virus prevention, not just for colds and flu, but also year round viruses.”

Immunologist and advisor to Nasofed, Dr Lisa Lee-Jones from MMU says, “Although the nose does have its own barriers including cilia (small internal hairs) and the mucus membrane to help stop viruses and bacteria getting through, it is still the main entry point for airborne pathogens. Viruses are not going away any time soon so I’m a definite advocate of formulations such as Nasofed, which harness thixotropic science to deliver anti-viral ingredients to the nasal cavity as an extra layer of protection, it makes so much sense.”

The Science

Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray combines unique thixotropic properties and scientifically proven anti viral ingredients to help protect from viruses, colds and flu by protecting the inside of the nasal cavity against the adhesion, penetration and spread of viruses and bacteria.

Its unique thixotropic formulation increases viscosity during application, transforming the liquid spray into a thin, soft, barrier film which has excellent adherence to the nasal mucosa surface. This results in prolonged anti viral activity (4 hours protection with each application4), precise dosage of only 1 spray per nostril, and no nasal drip.

The anti viral ingredients include the natural anti virals kappa-carrageenan and fucoidan (red and brown seaweeds) which are proven to disrupt virus attachment, absorption, and its replication process; xylitol, a sugar carbohydrate which helps inhibit virus and bacteria adhesion; diterpenoid, a natural anti-inflammatory and siberian fir oil, an anti-inflammatory and a natural decongestant.

The formulation is also a water-oil emulsion which provides effective moisturisation of the nasal cavity, so unlike some nasal sprays there is no irritation or stinging on application or drying out of the nose.

Suitable for the whole family (age 1+), Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray is drug and steroid free.

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Editors' notes:

¹Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray helps protect against the following viruses: Coronaviruses: (hCoV-OC43, SARS-CoV-2). RSV A and B. Rhinoviruses. Influenza A. and the following bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus. Streptococcus pneumoniae. Haemophilus influenza. Moraxella catarrhalis. Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray has not been tested against COVID-19 and therefore does not make claims to prevent it.

²EmergoPharm In Vitro Antiviral Assay June 2020

³Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray is not a substitution for vaccines, face masks, social distancing or other COVID-19 measures

4Assessment of rheological and mucoadhesive properties of a nasal preparation in the form of a water-oil emulsion in relation to the reference preparation – report prepared for EmergoPharm Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. June 2021

Medical device. Always read the label

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