New Indie Author Brings Back the PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN For Christmas! (And Resolves The Mystery About The Missing Children Too!)

Many renowned authors and celebrities including Russel Brand (with Trickster Tales) have tried to re-tell the famous legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and failed to capture the imagination of many readers alike.

But that has not stopped many fans and journalist from trying to find out what happened to the missing children.

Enter Michael J. Sceptre, a relatively unknown British-Zimbabwean, (just like Paula Hawkins of Girl On The Train), indie author who has decided to take on the mammoth task of not just re-telling the story but to continue the works of Robert Browning and turn the Pied Piper from VILLAIN to HERO!

"Most people know about the famous story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin but the reason why its not the most loved story is because of the mystery and negativity around the missing children! Many journalist, notably from the BBC have tried in vain to investigate the origins of the folklore and find out what happened to the children but with no success." said the indie author.

"Being an aspiring dramatist I think I have found a novel way of bringing back the Pied Piper from literary obscurity and hopefully win over readers with his wit and personality!" Said Michael when asked how he planned to make people fall in love with the Pied Piper again.

"It will take 3 or more books in a series before the Pied Piper is loved again - but I am up for the challenge!"

"If you look at the way William Shakespeare wrote his plays, he was able to make anyone fall in love and sympathize with some of his villains in these stories. I draw inspiration from that and hope that Shakespeare's influence shines throughout my book."

For some the book will be nostalgic as many people fondly remember the popular children's story. For others the Pied Piper is entirely new. “When I talk to teens, the only Pied Piper they know of is probably the popular song by the K-POP band, BTS!” Joked Michael.

The Pied Piper: Love and Redemption is a fiction novel that has fantasy ( including talking animals), some drama (the Pied Pier disguises himself as Santa Claus!) and a great love story to entertain teens and adults alike during the Christmas holidays.

Retailers, Schools and Bookstores can order copies via Ingram Spark (paperback) and (hardback) at standard retail discounts.

Bloggers and Book reviewers should get in touch for FREE copies of the book and can arrange interviews with the author.

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New Indie Author Brings Back the PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN For Christmas! (And Resolves The Mystery About The Missing Children Too!)