New football game LEBOM pits mates against each other… but leaves bookies on the sidelines

TV ads before the game, bookies splashed over shirts in the Premier League and social media buzzing with the latest big bets… whatever happened to the good old friendly wager?

Football needs to change its relationship with gambling – and LEBOM is helping ease the way.

LEBOM is a new football predictor game that pits you against your mates and cuts the bookies out of the action.

Players predict the score of the big games from each weekend and pick up points for calling the correct result – and gain a bonus for getting the score bang on.

You set the stake, play only against your friends on the selected games in a private group environment that promotes social safety and responsibility.

The fun starts when the games kick off, with live league tables, a graph showing the lead changing hands and in-app group chat to stick the knife in if you are in pole position.

End the weekend top of the pile and collect the winnings – and the bragging rights!

The gambling industry’s slice of football is one of the burning issues in the game with clubs set to be banned from carrying bookmakers’ logos on their shirts by 2023.

And with fans encouraged to get more conscious about the money they spend on gambling, LEBOM is the perfect way to highlight the fun and competitive aspect of testing your predictions against friends – while not constantly lining the pockets of the big bookies.

In fact, the team are so convinced football fans will take to LEBOM, they’ve offered an ‘enjoyment – or your money back’ guarantee.

LEBOM is the creation of four work friends from the London media scene. It was invented in manual form by Guy Phillips to create a bit of friendly rivalry at work.

Co-founder Guy says: “We all remembered being glued to the scores as they rolled in across the weekend. No one was ever late on a Monday to see who came out on top. It wasn’t just about the cash; it was about getting one over your mates.

“The LEBOM App is the digital version – it’s live, it’s exciting and you don’t have to wait until Monday morning to get the bragging rights – you can dig at each other in the in-app group chat all weekend.

“We’re licensed by the Gambling authority but we’re here to provide an alternative to the bookmakers. We have more in common with friends playing a sweepstake together than solitary gamblers taking on the bookmakers.

“Our core principles are excitement, community & responsibility so privacy is an important feature – we don’t share player data for commercial gain, including advertising.

“Overall, we just want to enhance the social experience of being a football fan, with the people who know you best, in a controlled environment.”

Twitter: @playlebom Insta: @playlebom
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New football game LEBOM pits mates against each other… but leaves bookies on the sidelines