New comparison service helps consumers navigate on the online loan market

Now consumers in Europe can compare financial products by using the new comparison service, LoanScouter, that guides each visitor toward a suitable loan with only a few clicks.

From today, consumers in 7 european countries can make use of the online comparison service, LoanScouter, designed to help visitors compare financial products in an easy, fast og secure way, enabling them to find a loan that meets their specific needs. Currently, LoanScouter is available for consumers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Spain and Croatia.

LoanScouter is created by the Danish Fintech company, Lead Supply A/S, with the primary aim of making it easier to navigate on the online loan market. CEO and Co-founder of Lead Supply A/S, Andreas Linde, states that the online loan market can be confusing and complicated for consumers who wish to find the best possible loan for their financial situation:

“As a consumer, you are met with various loan options. But how do you know if one option is better than the other? And more importantly, how can you be sure that the online banks can be trusted? LoanScouter is meant as a help to those who wish to navigate on the loan market in an easy, fast and secure manner. All of the online banks on our site are regulated by the government and only perform responsible lending. It’s important for us that we solely offer financial solutions that are authorized and reliable.”

Andreas Linde concludes that LoanScouter has had an exceptionally promising start and will expectedly be expanding to new markets in the near future.

Highly competitive industry

In recent years, the online loan industry has grown rapidly and will most likely continue to mature, as new loan providers constantly enter the market.

However, It is not only online loan providers that experience immense competition; more and more loan comparison sites are also competing to be the best and most favored among consumers. Andreas Linde is aware of this progression, but believes that LoanScouter will win on many parametres, especially on the features that set them apart from competitors:

“All of our comparisons are transparent, and we only suggest eligible providers, ensuring a safe and secure loan process. Also, LoanScouter is completely free and non-binding for anyone who wishes to use the comparison service.”

On LoanScouter, visitors will find a broad list of loans that shows the most important conditions. This list can be adjusted, so it fits your personal and financial need. Also, LoanScouter discloses comprehensive and transparent bank reviews where all conditions, pros and cons are outlined.

Facts about LoanScouter

LoanScouter is owned and run by the Danish Fintech company, Lead Supply A/S, which was founded in 2014 by Danish entrepreneurs Andreas Linde and Stefan Vinding Olesen. Since the very beginning, the company has been expanding rapidly both in terms of employees and markets. Today, LeadSupply A/S consists of 11 employees and runs 27 comparison sites across 13 countries around the world.

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New comparison service helps consumers navigate on the online loan market