New Book by Psychohistorian Reveals Truth About Hitler Jewish Svengali

In his book, Triumph of the Will? psychohistorian Dr David Lewis reveals the incredible truth about Hitler’s secret, Jewish, Svengali.

In the early ‘thirties, Eric Jan Hanussen became Hitler’s friend and mentor.

A magician, clairvoyant, astrologer, illusionist, hypnotist and multimillionaire media tycoon, Hanussen coached Hitler in showmanship and taught him to hypnotise the masses.

Although claiming to be a Danish aristocrat, he was in fact a Moravian Jew whose real name was Erik Herschmann-Chaim Steinschneider.

Born in 1898, the same year as Hitler, Erik was the illegitimate son of a penniless Viennese music hall performer and the daughter of a wealthy Jewish fur importer.

A celebrated clairvoyant, he performed before sell-out audiences in Berlin’s prestigious Scala theatre. In his best-selling, astrological, newspapers, he enthusiastically promoted Hitler and the Nazis.

Hanussen hosted wild parties for top Nazis aboard his luxury yacht Ursel IV. There, he not only supplied his VIP guests with lavish quantities of drink and drugs, but encouraged them to indulge in any form of sexual depravity they desired. Then he blackmailed them.

Soon after the Nazis came to power, in 1933, Hanussen was shot dead by Hitler’s SA thugs.

The Jewish Svengali knew too many of Hitler’s darkest and most dangerous secrets to be allowed to live.

Psychologist Dr David Lewis spent twenty years researching Triumph of the Will? which describes the part played by hypnotism in Hitler's rise to power.

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New Book by Psychohistorian Reveals Truth About Hitler Jewish Svengali