New Book about Brexit shows Britain needs single market and faces trade risks

An informative new book “Understanding Brexit Options: What future for Britain?” will be published next Monday 21st November.

The author, David Kauders, is an investment manager who has contributed articles on financial topics to British newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Observer and Investors' Chronicle. His other books are:

The Greatest Crash: How contradictory policies are sinking the global economy

Bear Markets: When finance turns upside down

The book explains the main options clearly and analyses their effects. The author finds that 12.9% of the British economy is exported to the other 27 EU member states, but each of those countries on average sends only 3.1% of their economic output to Britain. The belief that Britain will get a good trade deal is mistaken; the other 27 EU member states are far less dependent on exports to Britain than Britain is on exports to the EU.

There are four crucial questions about trade that need proper investigation:

                  1. What estimated value of trade, including services, will Britain gain over 5, 10 and 15 years after exit day?
                  2. What estimated value of trade, including services, will Britain lose over the same time-periods, including losses from 56 trade agreements with non-EEA countries that will also be severed?
                  3. How long will it take to implement the new and therefore how long will Britain’s economy be depressed before any improvement occurs?
                  4. Is there a break-even point at which the expected cumulative gain exceeds the cumulative loss? If so, how many years will it take to reach break-even?

The final chapter includes a decision tree to help individuals assess the different Brexit options.

Table of contents:


1 Britain’s options

2 The importance of free trade

3 A British view of non-trade factors

4 Britain and Europe

5 The state of Britain

6 What now?

Appendix: Examples of political misconceptions

More info at - this page includes three tables from the book provided free for everyone to read.

The book:

Understanding Brexit Options: What future for Britain?

David Kauders

Sparkling Books 2016

Printed edition, with index: ISBN 978-1-907230-65-3 £11.99, €15, US$18

E-book ISBN 978-1-907230-64-6 £4.99, €5.99, US$6.49

There is also a downloadable pdf available from the publisher in both A4 and US paper sizes.

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