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ONE of Britain’s most innovative accountants is making millions of pounds for the world’s biggest and edgiest content creators who are facing a crisis in landing accounts with mainstream banks.

Aidan Fijalkowski, 27, now has scores of clients on the books of his Accounting4Creators (A4C) firm and offices in Leeds and Manchester and is on a mission to revolutionise financial management for those at the forefront of the digital content economy.

The Scunthorpe-born accountancy whizz said: “A4C is a boutique accountancy and financial management firm that is growing massively after carving out a niche by offering tailored solutions to content creators, influencers, and digital entrepreneurs who often find themselves sidelined by traditional banking systems.

“The challenges faced by adult content creators in securing financial services have reached crisis point.

“A4C is a disruptor in the banking space as it offers an alternative to the mainstream financial institutions that are frequently – and wrongly – deeming these creators as high-risk, leading to account closures and denial of basic services.

“Banking and proper financial advice is a basic human right and it’s just discrimination content creators – especially those who specialise in adult content – are being banned from even opening accounts just because of the way they are earning money.”

Aidan said big-name banks not only deem adult content creators “high risk”, but are using artificial intelligence bots to flag their accounts and shut them down.

He added: “This means if you’re specialising in adult content your account is being closed barely before you’ve even had a chance to use it.

“My business provides a safe, inclusive space for these creators by guiding them through this banking disgrace – and also giving them a future by providing tax advice and services.

“We also advise them on future-proofing their income, making investments and maximising their profits.

“Many of the creators are young so aren’t thinking of things like pensions, but we’re also offering that too now as we want to provide them with sustainable and profitable financial futures.”

Aidan opened A4C in February 2023 and eight months later was so overwhelmed by clients he gave up his full-time job at a pensions company.

He has even hired one of his old bosses to help as his client list has grown so rapidly.

The entrepreneur said: “My clients make ridiculous amounts of money – up to £200,000 at the drop of a hat from one video.”

A4C works with multiple management companies including Britain’s leading influencers management firm the Rebel Agency, run by digital entrepreneur Jordan Smith, 29.

It has made headlines for making creators millions from opening Playboy Mansion-style ‘Rebel Mansions’ across the UK that its clients can use as content creation hubs.

Aidan added: “Our partnership with agencies including Rebel means we are the premium service for creators on all platforms, not just adult ones.

“Together, we take them through everything from maximising their content to forging financial futures in a really difficult banking space.

“These are the stars of the 21st Century, and need that guidance, and that’s what we provide.

“The days of overnight successes in music and film like in the ’90s are being replaced by explosions in fame for content creators.

“I’ve seen creators earn hundreds of thousands of pounds after hitting a certain amount of followers and subscribers – then blowing it because they don’t know how to handle the cash.

“When you combine that with ignorance over issues like tax, making sound investments, getting mortgages and planning for the future and getting private pensions, these creators can just feel overwhelmed and panicked as they have to deal with that on top of churning out content.

“We ease the load massively and provide top guidance. Last year, HMRC sent out thousands of chaser letters to influencers because they hadn’t reported their earnings – and we help with that too.”

Aidan is also on a mission to shake up the image of accountants as “stuffy and boring”.

He attends the Rebel Agency’s influencers parties as his alter-ego Neville – a character who wears suspenders, a bow-tie and thick-rimmed glasses, while carrying a briefcase.

Aidan said the aim is to poke fun at the stereotypical idea of how an accountant might look, and show influencers he is on their level and can combine “brains with fun and sharp thinking”.

He added: “When I’ve been talking to influencers, they often say they think of accountants and accountancy and money management as boring.

“But I present complex ideas in real terms they can relate to, and once they see how much A4C can help their daily lives, they’re in.”

After identifying a glaring gap that conventional accounting firms overlook, the firm has quickly become the go-to advisory service for the crème de la crème of creative talent.

The service says it prides itself on its “robust communication, collaboration, and unmatched service levels, placing it at the pinnacle of understanding and addressing the financial intricacies faced by today's digital entrepreneurs”.

Its operations and strategic director Spence Daren said: “At Accounting4Creators, we understand that the creator economy is unique and requires a specialised approach.

“Traditional financial institutions often don’t get it. They don’t understand the nuances and specific needs of content creators, particularly those in adult entertainment. We are here to change that.

“For adult content creators, the financial landscape is now fraught with challenges.

“Banks have been known to shut down accounts with little warning, citing reputational risk or compliance issues.

“This leaves creators without access to essential banking services, such as loans, credit cards, and even basic checking accounts.

“The stigma associated with adult entertainment exacerbates these issues, leading to a lack of support from mainstream financial institutions.

“Accounting4Creators offers a vital lifeline to people who simply want to make a living and stick by tax rules.

“By focusing on this underserved segment, the firm provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the specific needs of adult content creators.

“These services are meticulously crafted to empower creators and optimise their financial success.”


Budgeting & Forecasting

Precise budgeting and forecasting are crucial for managing finances, planning for growth and mitigating risks.

A4C offers expert guidance in these areas, helping creators develop a solid financial foundation.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Navigating the complex tax landscape is a significant challenge for content creators, especially those with diverse revenue streams.

A4C assists creators in understanding their tax obligations, minimising liabilities, and ensuring full compliance with tax laws.

Financial Education & Empowerment

Financial literacy is a cornerstone of long-term stability.

A4C is dedicated to empowering creators with the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions.

Through workshops, one-on-one consultations, and educational resources, the firm helps creators build a secure financial future.

Revenue Optimisation Strategies

Maximising revenue opportunities across various platforms is key to success in the digital economy.

A4C leverages deep industry insights and partnerships with agencies to help creators identify and capitalise on revenue streams, from social media and e-commerce to digital content sales.

Impact On Creator Economy

The services provided by A4C are more than just a convenience—they are essential for the financial health and growth of creators in the adult entertainment industry.

With traditional banks often refusing service, creators need a reliable partner who understands their unique challenges and can provide the support they need to thrive.

Aidan said: “Creators are entrepreneurs in their own right. They deserve the same level of financial support and expertise that any other business would receive. We are here to provide that support, helping them navigate the financial landscape and achieve their goals.”

The firm’s holistic approach goes beyond mere number-crunching.

By offering tailored advice and strategic planning, A4C helps creators not only manage their current finances but also plan for future growth and success.

This level of personalised service is what sets Accounting4Creators apart from traditional accounting firms.

Future Of Financial Inclusion

As the creator economy continues to grow, the need for specialised financial services will only become more pronounced.

A4C is at the forefront of this movement, championing the cause of financial inclusion for adult content creators and digital entrepreneurs.

By addressing the unique challenges faced by these creators, the firm is helping to build a more equitable financial landscape where all creators can thrive.

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