Music Artists Share Personal Insights in Free eBook “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE: Insights from Artists.”

Music artists from across the globe share their views of how artistry and creativity interrelate in this new eBook, “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE: Insights from Artists.”

Top music artists, including Rudimental’s Kesi Dryden, Italian composer Gabriele Palmieri, and musician Kavi Jezzi Hockaday, share their personal experiences and insights into the powerful relationship between the creative spirit and its influence on love, life, forgiveness, compassion and unity. “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE: Insights from Artists” is available as a free eBook download.

Author, Justin St. Vincent asked more than 100 world renowned artist three simple questions: How has your own creative life impacted or transformed your values? How can art/music transform our capacity to love and forgive? What positive values does art/music communicate to the world? Each artist’s response is grouped into one of five different chapters that include Artistry, Love and Forgiveness, Compassion and Healing, Transformation and Unity.

This exciting collection of exclusive interviews offers readers a unique look into the personal experiences of artists from a diverse background of different creative genres, faiths and cultures. Collectively, these interviews reveal a shared passion for creativity and its ability to influence and change individuals and the world around.

“I believe that artists can become the visionaries of culture and community. They help us interpret our world through their own unique lens of creativity and imagination” said Justin. He goes on to say, “Artists write the poems, carve the statues, paint the pictures and sing the songs that define us and can reflect the essential heart of humanity.”

More than 100 leading artists have taken part in “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE: Insights from Artists, including Megadeth bass guitarist, David Ellefson and world renowned DJ, Moby. Delving into the life experiences of these artist, “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE: Insights from Artists” opens the reader to each artist’s life concepts and how their artistic creativity has influenced their lives and the lives of those around them. As David Ellefson said, “[Music] soothed something inside of me in a way nothing else could.” Composer Shambhu said, “It occurred to me that music can be a platform for the expression of love.” Poet and co-founder of Arrested Development, Speech said, “Art stands in the front of history as a guide towards equality, unity, truth and a higher purpose.”

“LOVE LIVE FORGIVE: Insights from Artists” is available on Amazon as a free downloadable eBook as well as for sale as a paperback print. Having received 5-star ratings, some of the contributing artists endorsements include from Harold W. Becker, “An amazing heart-felt collection of interviews from around the globe, LOVE LIVE FORGIVE: Insights from Artists is a rare anthology that truly opens our hearts at the deepest levels. Inspiring and engaging, each artist shares their profound vision of hope for our world with innate wisdom, courage and simple honesty that reveals the tender love and acceptance so vital to our beautifully diverse human journey.” From Stephen Linsteadt, “Another creative force reaching out to the hearts of the global community.”

Justin St. Vincent is Director and Founder of Xtreme Music, and lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife Sara-Maria. Earning his degree in American Business Studies with Honors at the University of Wales, Swansea and the University of New Brunswick, Canada, he is an accomplished author, having written three previous books. Justin has served on the Fetzer Institute’s Advisory Council for the Arts, he is a current member of the New Zealand Society of Authors, a member of the New Zealand Christian Writers Guild, and he is also an associate member of the Australasian Religious Press Association.

Justin St. Vincent’s previous book releases include a three-part trilogy titled “The Spiritual Significance of Music.” From 2006 to 2012, Justin interviewed over 1,000 musicians and writers to discover and explore what they believe is the spiritual significance of music. Also available for sale on Amazon, “The Spiritual Significance to Music” trilogy has and continues to receive rave reviews.

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