Murder of the innocent

We live in a terrible world where there is no longer any respect for human life or the places of worship!

About 1,500 years ago the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) showed through his actions how people of different faiths can and should live together. Immediately upon entering Medina he drafted the world’s first constitution based on recognising the freedom and the rights of all the citizens of a state. The State in return asked for loyalty from its subjects. The Prophet went so far as to make it a duty of all Muslims to protect the places of worship of the Christians, even to pay for the repair and renovation of their places of worship.

In Sri Lanka, nearly 300 innocent people have lost their lives in senseless bombings. Three of the bombings took place in churches at Easter time. We condemn all attacks on places of worship regardless of the religion and the killing of people engaged in performing their religious duties. We condemn all the killings wherever they may be carried out. The spate of such actions across the world shows that unless we all unite to oppose these killers the world will surely drift back to the time of the Holocaust. We strongly urge followers of all religions and none, to come together and make sure that these murderers can find no hiding place.


The Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaʻat Islam) was established in Lahore in 1914 to promote the informed understanding of Islam in the West. In the UK it operated the Shah Jehan Mosque in Woking until the early 1960s. Its new headquarters is at Dar-us-Salaam, 15 Stanley Avenue, Wembley, HA0 4JQ, UK. In 1924, in Berlin, it built the first mosque in Continental Europe of the modern era. The German Government recognises the Berlin Mosque as part of the German national heritage. From its European and other centres around the world this organisation has taught that Islam promotes peace, harmony and mutual respect between all communities and nationalities.

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Murder of the innocent