Moniat Cryptocurrency is the only payment method for Flashat Social Media dApp

People are about to be presented with a fun and accessible way to engage in the popular crypto world. Flashat is a blockchain-based social media application that users can subscribe to using Moniat ERC20 Tokens as in-dApp payment. It will give users the ability not only to use already-bought Moniat, but to gain more, thus generating income – all of this while taking photos, creating albums and linking them to other users’ albums.

In today’s world, traditional social networking platforms raise a great concern about handling users’ privacy and their data. In most of these apps, data is stored on the centralized servers, where it is not protected. One solution is to use a decentralized blockchain system, which is a group of blocks connected sequentially to each other, designed so that transactions remain immutable. The data can be distributed, and no one can tamper with that data.

Flashat dApp presents a decentralized social media photo-sharing, totally secure application based on blockchain technology, where users are able to publish, view, like, comment and report on and share photos shared by other users. Flashat leads a new era of social media networking based on both secure decentralized blockchain and the principles of a multi-level incentivizing program where its users generate Moniat profit that can be converted at a later stage to traditional money after listing it in the Exchange.

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