MJ Experia Marketing’s Guide to Revolutionizing a Business

Outsourced sales and marketing firm MJ Experia Marketing offer a 5-Step Guide to moving away from comfort zones, in order to revolutionize a business.

MJ Experia Marketing deeply believes that pushing the limits of a company can keep businesses flowing and will encourage success. This is because implementing new strategies and fresh ideas keeps a business developing and promotes good change to keep a business growing and expanding. This is important because markets are always changing and staying the same means that customers could potentially move on to bigger and better things. Whereas a developing business with its original core values still at heart is attractive and welcomes new business.

MJ Experia Marketing is a sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham. The firm specialises in event-based direct marketing campaigns that are uniquely designed specifically for each client. These campaigns are then rolled out using face-to-face marketing techniques that help to create long-lasting and personalised relationships between the clients' brands and consumers. This helps to improve clients' brand loyalty, brand awareness and customer acquisition.

The firm have released their top 5 tips to breaking free from comfort zones and really pushing a business further.

Talk to someone new
MJ Experia Marketing says that even shy people can seek out one-to-one conversations or meetings with new people or participate in an online event around a new topic.

Seek out a different perspective
Find someone who thinks differently and has different opinions and actively push that difference. This can be done by searching for a provocative topic in a LinkedIn group and reaching out to a contributor with a different idea. Or, find a colleague who always challenges opinions and partner with them on a new project.

Discover a topic outside the industry
Being open to attending other industry events can be beneficial. Without even realising it, new ideas will form that have been used in another industry but are relevant and can help develop the business.

Do what doesn't come naturally
Try out different personality traits. It may be tough but if can be very rewarding and will help to develop a greater appreciation for those in the team who do those things well.

Be open
Be open to new ideas and new people that you can learn things from. Be open to what they ask and ask them tough questions in response, whilst remaining open to their answers even if their opinions are the complete opposite. .

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