MJ Experia Marketing: Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

MJ Experia Marketing discusses the benefits of outsourcing marketing and promotes their services as a reliable outsourcing solution.

MJ Experia Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing that involves connecting with consumers via face-to-face communication. The firm develops event based campaigns that accurately represent their clients' brands, products and services and then use those campaigns to connect with consumers. This one-to-one interaction helps to form a personalised relationship between consumers and the clients' brand which in turn leads to improved customer acquisition, customer retention and brand loyalty. The firm works on a 'no win = no fee' basis which means that they agree a set of goals and results with their clients and the client does not pay until they have delivered that result. This service allows the firm to continue to grow and expand their clients businesses, as well as their own, even in times of economic downturn.

MJ Experia Marketing has great faith in their services and believes that outsourcing marketing can be beneficial for many businesses. The firm has put together a list explaining the benefits of outsourcing.

Benefit 1 – Time and Cost Savings
Outsourcing gives a business access to top level marketing experts when needed, and they only have to pay for the service for as little or as long as they require them. This helps to avoid the costs of employing in-house staff, such as National Insurance, recruitment fees, sick pay and holidays. This also frees up time to concentrate on other areas of the business and means that marketing won't get pushed to the back of the queue no matter how busy things get.

Benefit 2 – Easy Access to all the Marketing Skills Needed
Outsourcing to a marketing agency is better value because it's extremely rare to find one in-house person to do everything an agency can do. There is no way a single employee can be an expert in direct marketing, social media, PR, graphic design, strategy and copywriting. The beauty of outsourcing is that they will provide experts in everything and these can be used when and if needed. Outsourcing also frees up everyone else in the business to focus on the tasks they were hired for.

Benefit 3 – Fresh Ideas and an Objective Point of View
When running a business it is easy to do things a certain way because that's how they've always been done but this can lead to missed opportunities. Having an outside perspective with a good knowledge of the latest marketing innovations and techniques can develop fresh ideas and generate the most value.

Contact MJ Experia Marketing on info@experiamarketing.co.uk for more information about hiring their outsourcing services.

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