MJ Experia Marketing Suggest Outsourcing is the Solution to Managing SME Growth Spurt

Birmingham based firm MJ Experia Marketing suggests outsourcing is the solution to managing the growth spurt of small and medium businesses.

Managing growth is a challenge for many SME businesses. Birmingham based outsourced event sales firm, MJ Experia Marketing suggest hiring companies who specialise in specific business areas such as sales, accounting or IT as the perfect solution. This then allows SME’s the chance to be responsible for a smaller yet controllable portion of the company, which makes it easier to sustain a consistent high quality business.

An article by United Business Centre, which was published earlier this year in March, stated that a staggering 99% of UK business is accounted for by SME’s, who employ over 13 million people. The article continue to discuss how the growth and success of SME’s can be used to help assess the future of the British economy over the coming year. (http://www.unitedbusinesscentres.co.uk/whats-happening/tips-managing-growth-your-sme-business-challenging-economic-times)

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Managing Director, Matt Wassall, of the outsourced event sales firm MJ Experia Marketing says, “We work with quite a few clients that have experienced rapid growth and simply do not have the time, finances or resources to train their own staff. Our outsourced event sales and promotions service has proved very beneficial for businesses who are going through a growth spurt as it allows them to maintain the quality of their brand while keeping up with the extra demand for their services.”

When companies begin to grow too quickly and there is not enough time to train new staff, outsourcing is a fantastic solution, more so for SME businesses. Hiring and training an internal team can be costly in both time and money. It may be difficult giving the trust and responsibility to an external company initially, however, by wisely outsourcing areas of a business in particular allows companies to gain expert services (that are often at a cheaper price too) and in most cases the work can be implemented immediately. Long-term advantages of outsourcing can include reduced labour costs, risks and mistakes, increased efficiency, loyalty and value, controlled capital costs, more time to start on new projects and the opportunity to focus more on other areas of the business.

MJ Experia Marketing, who are based in the heart of Birmingham, are a prime example of how specialised outsourced services are the perfect answer to SME growth spurt. MJ Experia Marketing offer outsourced event sales and promotions and provide their clients with greater customer acquisitions but at a cheaper cost.


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