MJ Experia Marketing Shares Business Tips From 9 Successful Entrepreneurs

MJ Experia Marketing supports business owners in Birmingham to help them achieve success and growth for their organisations. The firm shares vital tips from nine successful entrepreneurs that inspired them to become the successful business they are today.

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Small businesses remain the backbone of the British economy. In fact, 99 per cent of the UK's SMEs employ between zero and 249 people. “SMEs play a crucial role when it comes to economical growth," says a spokesperson for MJ Experia Marketing. “Being an entrepreneur requires discipline and passion." MJ Experia Marketing supports entrepreneurs and equips them with the relevant skills to successfully run their own business. In this article, the firm shares business tips from nine successful entrepreneurs from Chris LoPresti's book 'Insights', that inspired them on their way to become one of Birmingham's market leading event sales and marketing companies.

  • 1. Drop your ego

One tip is to get in a room of experts and top performers and pretend to be the dumbest person there. “It is all about listening, asking, hard work and getting the most out of every meeting and conversation to boost your progression in your chosen field," adds MJ Experia Marketing.

  • 2. Make it fun

Opening a business can bring challenges that make it a struggle. One of the entrepreneurs therefore recommends finding a way to make it fun. Things will go smoother and motivation is kept high when people enjoy it.

  • 3. Steal shamelessly

There is no point trying to reinvent the wheel, if there is a way to use existing wheels to invent something new. “There is no harm in looking to the left or right and get inspiration from others," agrees MJ Experia Marketing.

  • 4. The case for humility

As a new entrepreneur it is impossible to know all the answers or to even know the right questions to ask. “There will be setbacks." says MJ Experia Marketing. “Have the right attitude. It is a learning curve, not failure."

  • 5. Jump at opportunities

Being an entrepreneur can change lives. “It is a risk to take but might be the best decision you ever make," explains MJ Experia Marketing. People who are looking for more than employment until they retire should consider the opportunity to become an entrepreneur when it arises.

  • 6. Building something takes a certain amount of grubby ambition

To become a successful entrepreneur, there is no time for snobbery. Starting from scratch means doing things that may not be fancy or glamorous straight away. It is all about the right mind-set.

  • 7. Be shameless but genuine about networking

Networking is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs. In order to build long-term relationships, it is important to be genuine, follow up, say thank you and help whenever possible.

  • 8. Accomplish something every day

A day without accomplishment is a day wasted as an entrepreneur. “Ask yourself every day: 'What do I want to accomplish today?' and reflect on it in the evening, thinking about what you have achieved and what you have learned today," recommends event sales and marketing agency MJ Experia Marketing.

  • 9. Intuition versus emotion

It is important to distinguish between the two. By relying thoroughly on emotion, business decisions may be made depending on a mood, for example out of fear, anger or disappointment or based on excitement, love or joy. With experience entrepreneurs learn to distinguish intuition from emotions. The best founders usually act on intuition.

Event sales and marketing firm MJ Experia Marketing has been supporting a number of entrepreneurs who are running their own business today throughout the UK.


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