MJ Experia Marketing Review the types of Customer Complaints that could Permanently damage Reputation

The occasional customer mishap happens, however it is how these situations are handled that give certain businesses the edge. MJ Experia Marketing warns that if businesses fail to face up to certain failures in their service, businesses are seriously risking their reputation.

It is extremely important to develop and maintain a high level of service in order to keep a competitive edge over competitors, but MJ Experia Marketing say more importantly it is to keep customers happy and returning to the brand. Building strong customer relationships is important to businesses because studies show that 80% of a brand's future sales will be made by just 20% of their already existing customer base. It is therefore crucial to have a strong business relationship with the customers that have already bought from the brand to ensure that they will buy again. Returning customers are what keeps many businesses afloat.

In an ideal world the brand would never do anything wrong but when they do customer complaints can sometimes be beneficial to businesses because they are essentially feedback telling the brand where they went wrong, and what needs to be fixed. Therefore it is important that businesses actively look into these complaints especially at any reoccurring issues and quickly find a solution to rectify these mistakes. Failing to address these issues and not finding a way to prevent another in the future can harm the reputation of the business as an unsatisfied customer will spread the word about their unhappy experience.

MJ Experia Marketing has highlighted some common complaints that tarnish a brand's reputation and ways to prevent them.

Poor Quality
Customers value their money and do not want to buy products that don't meet their standards. If word gets out about a product being poor quality there will certainly be a dip in revenue and a shortage of new customers.
Solution: Plan excessively. From product to supplier, everything needs to be investigated for good quality control. Once a supplier has been researched and chosen begin production and then evaluate the product. Make sure they are up to scratch.

Slow Shipping
Customers value their time as much as their money. If they have to wait for the product they will feel as though they have been forgotten and are not valued as a customer. Slow shipping makes the brand seem unprofessional and sloppy as well as demonstrating poor quality of service.
Solution: Maybe outsource shipping to a transport company. Choose a company that has received praise for previous examples of fast-shipping.

Poor Customer Service
Nothing angers consumers more than a bad customer service experience. This could be anything from rude staff to annoying automated phone systems. Customers are supposed to feel important.
Solution: Workers need to be well-trained. Be accessible to the customer and provide them with easy ways to get in touch.

False Advertising
Misleading customers can completely destroy a business's reputation. Avoid false advertising at all costs.
Solution: Know the product or service extremely well. If something isn't a fact then do not display it in the product description. Ensure that the website is up to date and displays the correct price and product description.

Failure to Address Social Media
Most customers will use social media to complain because it's quick and easy. It also means that many other potential customers will see this negative experience and be put off. If the brand does not address these concerns, their reputation will be damaged.
Solution: Respond. Remain calm and positive and respond professionally, explaining how their issue will be resolved. This will show the customer that someone cares and is listening to them.

MJ Experia Marketing use direct marketing techniques such as face-to-face marketing and they believe that this can help to repair damaged business relationships. Connecting with a consumer on a one-to-one basis gives the impression that the customer is truly valued and that the brand will take the time to listen to their thoughts and feedback.

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