MJ Experia Marketing reveals how to ALWAYS meet customer expectations

Sales and marketing firm, MJ Experia Marketing have outlined the importance of brand loyalty and doing whatever it takes to meet customer expectations every time.

Brand Loyalty is the key to sustainable business. Repeat business offers an increased profit margin, and strengthens a brand’s power. Regardless of understanding the importance of repeat businesses, it is common practice for businesses to fluctuate the level of service they offer at certain periods of the year. To maintain a strong brand image, MJ Experia Marketing believes the consistency of the service offered is fundamental in achieving success. Consumers need to be confident that their customer experience will always meet their ever-increasing expectations. Reports from the Chamber of Commerce reported that 68% of consumers leave because they are upset with the treatment they’ve received, and consider the customer experience substandard.

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MJ Experia Marketing offers their tips on how to consistently meet customer expectations:

Empower your workforce to do the right thing. Businesses need to equip their workforce to be able to offer solutions at the initial contact stage. If a long-term solution is required, a suitable completion time needs to be communicated effectively to resolve the issue.

Understand the limits of technology. Consumers are looking for a streamlined service. Avoid heavily computerised systems that will be followed up by a human requesting the same information.

Hire for empathy. Source a workforce that ranks high in EQ. The ability to communicate emotions can be priceless during customer facing interactions.

Model correct behaviour. To create a culture that is visible throughout an entire company, those at the top need to lead by example as well as reward and encourage individuals who go above and beyond their duties.

Know your raison d’etre. Professionals who share the company’s vision regularly often observe how the brand message reaches the firm's customer base, and whether this is being done effectively. Modern consumers are keen to source their chosen brand’s ethos and will base their brand choices on their ability to agree with their morals.

MJ Experia Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, which allows them to manage and implement personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands. MJ Experia Marketing then takes these campaigns directly to consumers via face-to-face marketing techniques as they believe this is the best way to form long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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MJ Experia Marketing reveals how to ALWAYS meet customer expectations