MJ Experia Marketing encouraged by Small Business Advice Week

Small Business Advice Week took place last week and this has encouraged MJ Experia Marketing to look further into the positive affect mentoring has on entrepreneurs.

Small Business Advice Week is held every year to help the country’s 4.5 million SMEs thrive during tough economic times, with advice from leading experts and businesses across Britain. According to research, a staggering 94% of people in Britain feel like they lack the necessary support to start their own business. But Small Business Advice Week, which was held this year, between September 1st and 7th, aims to dispel this air of pessimism and show how SMEs can survive in today’s economy.

MJ Experia Marketing believes that mentoring has an incredibly positive effect on entrepreneurs who feel as though they are struggling. Entrepreneurs face many risks and challenges and having a mentor to turn to for advice can ease the stress of the daunting tasks ahead. MJ Experia Marketing also says that networking at events such as Small Business Advice Week can have a positive outcome for entrepreneurs. The opportunity to connect with like-minded business people and to develop a list of contacts is one that should not be missed. These events will teach entrepreneurs the skills to take back to their  and make it succeed.

Entrepreneurs face many challenges such us keeping up with technology, managing cash flow, gaining access to funding and out-shining the competition. But these are just a few of the barriers that businesses face when starting out or looking to grow; the overall challenge is to make the business succeed. For small businesses to overcome these hurdles it is important that they have the right communication tools and support at every stage of their company’s growth. This increased support network is what Small Business Advice week encourages and MJ Experia Marketing is glad to see entrepreneurs receiving the support they need.

MJ Experia Marketing is a direct sales and marketing firm located in Birmingham. The firm specialises in delivering an all-round service for their clients that improves customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness. MJ Experia Marketing connects with consumers on a face-to-face basis which helps to create long-lasting and personal bonds between the brand and consumer.

MJ Experia Marketing runs a Business Development Program in order to support entrepreneurship. The program takes everyone involved in the firm and teaches them the skills needed to progress to leadership, management and then the potential to open their own business. The firm teaches vital skills such as how to conduct an interview, decision making skills, and leadership and sales techniques. The program has an incredibly high success rate and MJ Experia Marketing is proud to offer a support network to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The firm is deeply encouraged by Small Business Advice Week because it is just the type of support that entrepreneurs need to become successful business owners and will hopefully encourage more people to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career choice. MJ Experia Marketing says that this is important because entrepreneurs are vital to the economy’s survival. 

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MJ Experia Marketing encouraged by Small Business Advice Week