Millions wasted keeping doors open but now a British company has the solution to keep them shut

London 1st December 2020


Since the start of the pandemic, doors have been identified as a critical point where viruses can spread. It is understandable then, that shops, schools and public buildings have been wedging open their doors but, there is a serious downside to this practice. Studies have shown that shops waste millions by leaving doors open as the heat goes out the door, and they could slash their bills by 20-25% if they shut them. In schools and public buildings, all fire doors need to remain shut. However, it is the environmental impact of leaving open doors onto the street that will have the most devastating impact. British company Veraco has the solution to help keep doors shut

Veraco has produced a range of antimicrobial products for frequently touched surfaces like door handles and push doors. They contain a ‘Silver Ion’ technology that breaks down the biological makeup of dangerous pathogens, killing up to 99.99% of common bacteria and superbugs on touch, as well as being effective against Coronavirus.

Co-Founder George Strong said, “Our product development is based on insight and demand. The insight we gathered was clear, businesses were having to keep their doors open in order to stay open. As temperatures have dropped the need for additional solutions were in demand and we’re extremely pleased to have developed a product in time that allows businesses to keep doors shut AND stay open”.

About Veraco Limited

Veraco Limited is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of infection control products. They develop solutions that help reduce the risk and spread of dangerous pathogens to create a much safer, cleaner environment for hygiene zones.

Any frequently-touched surface has a huge risk of cross-contamination and it’s often unavoidable. We use silver technology that actively kills germs on touch.

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Millions wasted keeping doors open but now a British company has the solution to keep them shut