Meraki Rose Reveals How to Give Millennials Great Customer Service

Millennials are individuals that were born between 1980 and 2000. In recent years there has been a buzz in the marketing world as companies scrutinize and analyse how to market effectively to the millennial generation.The great focus on millennials is because they are the largest demographic in the marketplace. Event marketing specialists Meraki Rose believe that if companies can identity how to market to millennials their business will prosper as a result and the Glasgow based firm have offered their advice on how to give Millennials great customer service.

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1. Respond quickly

Millennials are impatient; they have grown up with everything at their fingertips, with access to smartphones.According to an article, studies have found that 25% of millennials expect to get a response within ten minutes when contacting customer services via social media.In order to keep customers happy and loyal to the brand companies must respond to queries as fast as possible.

2. Be available on multiple platforms

Research has shown that millennials switch between smartphones tablets, laptops, and TV on average of 27 times per hour.They tend to have a short attention span and to pull them in and engage companies must be able to connect with them on all devices, in particular making websites mobile friendly.

It is also important for companies to have a presence on the main social media platforms as millennials expect brands to be easily accessible on social media.

3. Be flexible

In the modern world, people rarely like to pick up the phone and have a conversation and millennials are no different.When it comes to customer service millenials want to be able to communicate with brand through SMS and social media.

Companies need to make sure they have other ways to keep in touch with millennials instead of just the phone.

4. Be Authentic

Millennials demand authenticity in their communications.It isn't satisfactory to have a scripted customer service response.Jay Coldren from EDITION hotels, states that “The millennials want to converse in their own language, according to their own rules. They speak in tweets, texts and Facebook posts. If you want to reach them, you have to speak in their native tongue. And you have to be completely authentic."

They key message is when engaging with millennials companies must be genuine.

5. Millennials aren't brand loyal.

Research has found that one quarter of millennials will leave a company after one bad experience and by the third bad experience, that figure rises to an astounding 82%.

Companies need to make sure they are providing first class customer service when dealing with the millennial generation.With so much competition available, companies must make sure they are going out of their way to achieve customer satisfaction with every interaction.

At Meraki Rose they are committed to delivering an outstanding customer and customer service is at the top of the agenda.The firm have extremely high customer service standards and one of the thing they pride themselves on is delivering both quality and quantity customer acquisitions for their clients.At Meraki Rose they believe the have the advantage when it comes to marketing to millennials as their direct and personalised approach allows their representatives to meet with people in person.Face to face interactions allows them to build a relationships with their customers, instill consumer confidence and build brand loyalty.

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