Mediahawk Launch International Call Tracking To Help Businesses Attribute Leads Worldwide

Mediahawk’s Call Tracking Software Can Now Track, Manage and Attribute Telephone Calls on a Global Scale

UK call tracking software provider, Mediahawk, has launched a global call tracking solution, allowing businesses to track, manage and automate their phone call activity worldwide.

With both online dynamic phone numbers and offline static local numbers, businesses can track all areas of their marketing and automatically attribute leads to the marketing source.

Worldwide Attribution of All Telephone Leads and Marketing Campaigns

For tracking online activity, each visitor sees a unique local telephone number. So if a website visitor is in the United States, they will see a tracked US specific phone number to call.

All telephone enquiries are linked to the exact advertising channel in real-time. Marketers see the precise source, medium, ad group, and visitor journey for each caller no matter where they are in the world. This allows for seamless attribution and performance analysis leading to better marketing decisions being made at the global level.

In addition, businesses can review caller history, add notes, and listen to call recordings for ongoing call handling optimisation. This will ensure messaging is effective for different countries.

As for integrations, Mediahawk’s international offering can be integrated with popular platforms such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, AdWords, DoubleClick, and more, to view telephone response data alongside your online response.

The international call tracking solution can become much more powerful by using the API to integrate with the platforms you use daily. Different marketing activities can be attributed the way you want them to be.

Speaking on the value of using dynamic local or toll-free numbers for international marketing campaigns, Mediahawk’s CEO Michael Morrell says: “If you have a business with a known international customer base purchasing from you, local targeting is key. If a customer in France is looking at the website of a US company, they want to be able to use a French telephone number. Using local telephone numbers in each region helps build trust and establish your business within that local audience. As a result, you’ll improve your marketing response and increase your conversion rates. Furthermore, this will finally answer those questions about ROI from your website and wider online marketing that have previously been difficult to obtain without correct tracking.”

About Mediahawk

Mediahawk is a leading call tracking and marketing analytics provider. They monitor the advertising effectiveness of thousands of marketing campaigns for companies such as Worldpay, Porsche, Kia UK, Miele, Barchester Healthcare and Travis Perkins.

Mediahawk has been at the forefront of call tracking innovation, giving clients the ability to track online and offline activity that generates telephone enquiries. Website call tracking provides insights into visitor’s online journeys and the keywords, web pages and internet sources that result in phone calls.
Mediahawk was formed in 2002 and is based in Central Milton Keynes.

To find out more visit their website:

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Mediahawk Launch International Call Tracking To Help Businesses Attribute Leads Worldwide