Mazonai: It’s All About YOU

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Interviews can be daunting, especially as many people feel uncomfortable discussing their best attributes. Here, sales and marketing firm Mazonai offer their know how to help people ace their next job interview and take pride in their talents.

About Mazonai:

There are certain questions which are guaranteed to come up in all job interviews, regardless of role or industry. One of these questions and perhaps the most dreaded is 'tell me about yourself.' Despite being the most common interview question across the board, the majority of interviewees find it particularly difficult to answer. A lot of people struggle when selling themselves, afraid of crossing the fine line between being informative and being boastful. This question also has the potential to set the tone of an interview and a poorly constructed answer could hinder an interviewee's chance of being called back. Mazonai, a sales and marketing firm from Watford are eager to quash the fear candidates feel when asked to talk about themselves and believe that there are things people can do to ensure their answer is intriguing and memorable.

Due to their work within a customer focused environment, having the confidence to tackle difficult questions is an important trait Mazonai look for when interviewing potential candidates. The firm believe the key to candidates delivering a strong answer when asked to talk about themselves is preparation. Researching the company before hand and identifying what it is they are looking for will save a candidate trying to decipher this information on the spot during the interview. Discussing life outside of the professional world can form a weak first impression; instead candidates should work on developing a concise, enthusiastic response that outlines their proudest achievements and goals.

Mazonai believe that it is important for candidates to see the process from the interviewer's perspective and as such, have revealed some insights they've gathered during their time in business. Firstly, 'tell me about yourself' is not a question designed to trip candidates up, interviewers really do want to hear about a person's achievements, and this question is used to form starting points for discussion. The question is simply a way of getting a candidate talking when placed in an unfamiliar environment. This question is also the first inclination an interviewer will get as to whether a person is the right fit for the company as to how they answer the question, and their demeanour and body language will speak volumes about their personality.

In order to ace the dreaded 'tell me about yourself' question, Mazonai urges candidates to consider two questions before attending an interview. Firstly 'What are your primary selling points for this job? This will get a person thinking about what makes them stand out from the other candidates, such as specific experience, special training or high level skill. It's also important for candidates to regularly refer back to the job description for the role, so that they can identify how they meet and exceed the requirements. Secondly, asking 'Why are you interested in this position right now?' will help a candidate form an answer which showcases their commitment and conveys that they are a safe and worthwhile investment.

Mazonai specialises in sales and event marketing solutions, and help brands across the UK form stronger customer relationships through face-to-face interaction at pop up marketing events. To ensure they are able deliver a memorable experience to their clients' customers, the firm look for confident, friendly and ambitious candidates when meeting with potential contractors. The firm is adamant that by acing the 'tell me about yourself' question during an interview a candidate will stand out among their fellow candidates and showcase why they would be a fantastic addition to a company.

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