A masked figure hung a life-like body from a bridge in the heart of London, marking the 40th anniversary of the murder of Roberto Calvi, dubbed God’s Banker.

The mysterious individual, who goes by the name of Red Jay, struck at Blackfriars Bridge at 7.30am on Saturday morning.

Footage shot and shared by the video activist shows him walking calmly alone to the centre of the bridge with the suited mannequin under his arm. He then chains the dummy into place before lowering it over the side of the bridge.

At that point, he throws fistfuls of blank Vatican Bank cheques into the air and then continues walking across Blackfriars Bridge. Lastly, he removes his mask and ends the recording.

In a statement, Red Jay, half Canadian half English, explained that the dummy represented Roberto Calvi – who gained infamy for laundering the Vatican Bank’s money. He was murdered in the same fashion at the same spot 40 years ago.

Investigations linked his death directly to the Vatican Bank, the Mafia, and Propaganda Due, a clandestine Masonic Lodge. It was alleged that the location was significant as Propaganda Due is also known as frati neri, or Black Friars.

Red Jay’s controversial activities formed the finale of his latest artistic piece, called In the Name of Clericalism, which focuses on religious corruption. The artist produced a short video showing the direct link between Calvi’s murder, the cover up and the Catholic church. This video was played on a tv screen embedded in the torso of the dummy.

It can be seen here:

Explaining his actions, Red Jay said: “For too long, there have been untouchables that have got away with having blood on their hands. Forty years after Roberto Calvi’s murder exposed corruption that permeated the upper echelons of the Catholic Church, the pattern still continues, with new money laundering activities at the Vatican Bank still being tried in court as recently as 2018.”

“What’s more, this high-level corruption and greed – coupled with zero accountability and justice – is seemingly everywhere you look, with the UK Government, Russian oligarchs and the US Republican Party being prime contemporary examples.

“Through In the Name of Clericalism I want to bring all this out into the open and say enough is enough.”

The dummy was dropped into the Thames by an unknown individual, thought to be a security guard, after hanging for 10 minutes.

For more on the Red Jay, including his most recent project, The Human Weighted Blanket Project, filmed in Montreal, which focused on pandemic-related mental health decline, visit



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