Managing Director of Millipic, James Clarke reveals the tried and tested methods for success

During a recent meeting, Managing Director of Millipic James Clarke, revealed his thoughts on how an individual can rise to the top of their business.

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The basis of the meeting primarily focused on opportunities within Millipic, with James dissecting the company’s business development program for the firm’s newest recruits. The Managing Director covered how his contractors could learn new skills through mentorship which would also help them decipher how to kick-start their own entrepreneurial journey.

Contrary to the views of some other CEO’s, James believes there are ‘tried and tested’ methods anyone can apply, to achieve success in the world of business. By following these methods as accurately as possible and ensuring advice is taken into consideration during important decisions, success is attainable, says the business owner. In his opinion, star quality is not a requirement to succeed in any industry. Instead, individuals should adopt an observant, thoughtful and optimistic mind-set when visualising their goals.

While unique qualities can make a person stand and could be an advantageous component for achieving success, Millipic believe that following certain methods bypass ‘star qualities’ and can ultimately lead to successes. While hard work is often seen as the route to achieving individual goals, entrepreneurs must possess a steadfast belief in their ability. By deliberately adapting their everyday routines by sourcing inspiration from the daily habits of self-made entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson, successes can be mirrored and they can consequently achieve their own goals.

When it comes to researching and keeping on top of effective industry development methods, Millipic are experts. The firm take great pride in helping young professionals develop their personal performance in order to equip them with the relevant skills needed to rise through the ranks of the sales and marketing industry. The company are dedicated to providing rewarding opportunities to their contractors when they smash their targets. With a team of passionate individuals who want progress, Millipic ensures that they reach those long-term goals through their business development programme and regular business advice mentorship meetings.

Millipic prides themselves as being Newcastle’s latest full-service marketing firm. The creative nature adopted by the company allows for brands to spread their reach further than they could have done before. The hands-on approach taken at the firm allows Millipic to develop brand awareness on behalf of their clients by targeting the right people to achieve the maximum ROI. Their approach moves away from traditional methods, focusing on face-to-face communication that bridges the gap between the brand and consumer.

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Managing Director of Millipic, James Clarke reveals the tried and tested methods for success