Manage your jobs and applications better with WaveTrackR and Bullhorn

Keeping our clients happy and satisfied will always be at the very top of our priority list. We are delighted to announce a brand new collaboration which is going to add exceptional value to two pieces of software. WaveTrackR will be integrating with the leading CRM Bullhorn, which have proven to be invaluable tools for the recruitment industry.

About the Integration

Before going into detail about the two pieces of software, here is a little more information about how the integration will work. 

Your job will be prepared using Bullhorn’s easy to use software. You can then sync your jobs to WaveTrackR where you can select your preferred job boards. On WaveTrackR you will be able to select and shortlist the candidates to your jobs and sync them back to Bullhorn. From this moment they will be sent back to Bullhorn, meaning that there is no need to review your jobs inside WaveTrackR.

When a candidate has been hired in Bullhorn the stats are automatically updated into WaveTrackR creating a smooth and professional process for all of our clients.

Huge Benefits to Our Clients

Dave Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of Wave and is excited about our new integration, “We’ve been working for a while to make sure this integration adds value to both WaveTrackR and Bullhorn users and we’re really pleased with the work – we’re confident this will be of huge benefit to many of our clients.”

Bringing both Bullhorn and WaveTrackR together will not only give more power to you as a recruiter, but it will also combine a wealth of modern tools that will boost your presence online.

If you are unfamiliar with either tool, here is a rundown of what you can expect from both Bullhorn and WaveTrackR. It is a certainty that combining the most powerful elements of both of these job distribution tools will create the ultimate package for our clients.


Bullhorn is a recruitment software that is going to grow your business. With this tool, you will have the ability to unlock new levels of recruiter productivity and streamline candidate management from sourcing to submittal to placement.

Providing cloud-based CRM and operations solutions for the recruitment industry, Bullhorn is at the centre of this industry. Not only does its automated data capture and customer insight technology help companies to engage candidates, but it also allows them to win customers. At the moment, there are more than 8000 companies who rely on Bullhorn as a platform to help increase sales, improve service delivery and streamline operations. With offices scoping across the world there are more than 700 people employed by Bullhorn.

Bullhorn’s dedication to design and development has been a key part of this new integration. Not only has it allowed the collaboration to be driven forward, but it has also allowed them to be a competitive force to be reckoned with in this industry. Changing lives for the better is what Bullhorn has and always will be about.


With WaveTrackR your recruitment power online will be boosted as you can post to multiple job boards at one time. This multi-job posting software allows you to get the most from your media choices.

WaveTrackR has marked the end of the ‘spray and pay’ job posting movement; with WaveTrackR all of your advertising is condensed into one place so that you can quickly and easily compare your ROI, negotiate harder, invest more wisely and stay in complete control of your media. The integration will use the most powerful elements that WaveTrackR has to offer, such as posting jobs quickly and seamlessly to selected job boards, social media and even your website. This allows you to make more informed recruitment decisions so you can retain that media control.

WaveTrackR Analytics and Recommendations

One of the most notable features of WaveTrackR is the recruiting metrics dashboard, which shows the comparison of your job boards performance and your recruitment strategy. Not only does WaveTrackR provide recruitment data analytics, but it also goes into detail about costs, applications, hires and much more so you can see which job board is working well for your adverts.

Posting your job with WaveTrackR couldn’t be easier with our user-friendly interface. After filling out the required fields, including the job title, job description, location, job requirements and several more, WaveTrackR will analyse this information to recommend the most effective job boards for your job.

There is even an inbuilt recommendation system which utilises data from previous applications and hires so that you can have the most updated information about which media is most likely to generate the most applications, as well as where you can make the most successful hires.

When you know which job board gives you the best return on investment, you can tailor your choices and see which will give you the best performance.

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Manage your jobs and applications better with WaveTrackR and Bullhorn