Long Covid doubts


The term Long Covid (LC)was coined in the wake of people who apparently developed debilitating symptoms after they thought they thought they were over Covid 19.

Routine QPCR antibody testing has however shown some sufferers of LC hadn’t had short Covid so the symptoms cast doubt on QPCR testing or possibly psychosomatic symptoms .

LC symptoms include, chronic fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, changes in menstrual cycle, gut problems and more. The symptoms mirror those of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) which is another emerging diagnosis usually linked to the home environment.

Anecdotal evidence from Building Forensics has shown a dramatic increase in enquiries from families, as opposed to the usual pleas of individuals suffering from building related illness and typically CIRS. This change in enquiry patterns may reflect the issues of 24/7 lockdown and chronic exposure to contaminates, which usually affect the spouse who stay at home while the partner goes off to work, escaping exposure.

Using the same QPCR technology as antibody testing, Building Forensics have used QPCR-DNA to identify possible triggers in the home environment and found the elevated presence of bacteria and chemical inflammagens associated with CIRS.

Jeff Charlton principal contractor at Building Forensics said that “Building Related illness “ is not new, but the lockdown has focused exposure and two factors support this. The World Health Organisation state 20% of the population may be genetically prone to BRI and environmental conditions with or without lockdown may be contusive to biological amplification. Charlton added the acute exposure from lockdown has amplified symptoms in the short term whereas symptoms may usually have taken years to develop to the point of action or recognition.

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