Live Like A Millionaire For The Weekend

Like A Millionaire is a new and innovative prize competition company, providing the chance to win luxury millionaire experiences across the globe.  This really is your chance to taste the high life at 35,000ft aboard our Private Jet sipping Champagne, Stay in absolute luxury at our stunning Villa in Marbella and Party like the VIP you are at Ocean Club Marbella!  What's more is that you'll get to bring 3 friends along with you, and you'll each be treated to a whole new holiday wardrobe so you can really travel in style.

Our exciting new experience based venture is designed to bring a little piece of luxury to the masses and give everyone the chance at being treated like celebrities and live like millionaires.  And if that wasn't enough, to celebrate our first experience, it will be co-hosted with MTV Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan, Chloe Ferry & Sam Gowland - who'll really help you to get in the party spirit!

"Fly in our private Jet with us, and stay in our amazing villa with us" - Sam Gowland

"it's so exciting, the Jet is amazing" - Chloe Ferry

"Wooo it's amazing" - Holly Hagan

"split the cost amongst friends you'd take and it's insane at only £2.50 per person" - Viv Yau 

Entry to the competition can be done at our website with tickets costing £15.00, though to celebrate our launch you can save £5.00 this weekend - a great deal at only £10.00 per ticket.  We've only got 10,000 tickets available for each experience, even though demand is expected to be high.  With such limited tickets available the odds of winning are great, which you won't want to miss out on!  You're 4,500 times more likely to win this than the Lotto jackpot, or 13,500 times more likely than the Euromillions.

Here at Like A Millionaire we realise that living the life of luxury doesn't only have a high price tag - our environment pays the price too.  So we've decided to make our business carbon neutral by planting a tree for every ticket sold.  A tree can absorb 48 lbs of CO2 each year, so with every experience that's a whopping 48,000 lbs of C02 every year per competition.  Not only that but with increased reforestation we can provide sustainable homes for our wildlife to live in luxury too!

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