Light up your Christmas with Visijax

• A unique gift that will improve cyclist visibility on the road
• Retailing at £99 exclusively from Amazon, includes free delivery to the UK

24 October 2012 – Innovative electronic cycling jacket, Visijax, could be the perfect gift this Christmas for any cycling enthusiasts wanting to ensure they have maximum visibility whilst on the roads.

Named the ‘commuting super-garment’ by Cycling Active, Visijax is retailed at just £99 (VAT incl.) exclusively from Visijax’s unique motion-activated signalling system enables cyclists to give clear warnings to other road users when they intend to turn through the high intensity built in LED lights which are automatically activated when a cyclist lifts their arm to indicate.

Every Visijax comes with three sets of integrated LED clusters with standard vehicle lighting codes- white for front, red for back and amber for the turning signals. Each LED light is strategically placed to give the cyclist maximum visibility which can be turned off and on by one quick press of the power button located on the outside of the jacket.

Visijax CEO, Andy Li, comments: “We designed Visijax with safety in mind; we wanted to create a cycling jacket that would not only increase cyclist visibility but also enable cyclists to indicate clearly where they are going. It really is the ideal gift for any commuter who wants to stay healthy and green by cycling to work whilst ensuring they remain safe on the roads and can always be seen by motorists.”

As well as being one of the most advanced cycling jacket on the market, Visijax also gives its wearer great freedom by being made of the highest quality fabric that is rainproof, breathable and lightweight. Owed to its unique design that uses ‘peach skin’ fabric, Visijax has all the comfort of a cotton soft touch whilst remaining waterproof.

Key features of Visijax are:
• 23 integrated high intensity LED lights
• iMASS signalling system
• One-touch operation
• Designed to work with backback
• Rainproof and breathable
• Lightweight ‘peach skin’ fabric
• All-round ventilation
• AAA battery powered
• One-year warranty
• Lightweight – weighs less than 500 grams

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Light up your Christmas with Visijax