LGB Direct: Learning the art of Delegation

Business management is a fundamental part of the working day for business owners. However, to ensure business growth and success, entrepreneurs must learn the art of delegation, claims LGB Direct.

Delegation is important in business for a number of reasons, LGB Direct highlights how delegation can be good for business owners because it teaches them to trust their team with tasks and understand that they are not the only one in the business capable of getting things done. Delegation is also good for the team; it helps them upgrade both their skills and their confidence, as well as giving them the opportunity to showcase their competence.

LGB Direct has come up with the five elements of delegation that business owners should understand in order to be a productive and efficient leader:

Determine what to delegate
This should be as much as possible but not just the tasks that are the most boring or difficult. Team selection is perhaps the key to deciding which jobs are delegated. As seen in football, the manager’s primary role is to enrol the team and select the players, but stay off the pitch.

Identify the right person
Sticking to the football analogy, the manager also determines the positions of the players based on the particular skills of the individuals. Other factors should include those that can devote the time, are interested in the assignment, understand the background, can handle the job, are reliable, and are keen to grow.

Assign the task
Unusually, less is more when it comes to instruction, even on major projects. The person delegated to will, most likely, be keen to demonstrate their abilities. Too much instruction kills their creativity and motivation. Instead, try to agree on a ‘vision’ for the end result and leave the route for achieving that vision up to them.

Monitor Progress
Delegating does not mean abandoning. Monitor the person’s progress, perhaps at scheduled times, and offer constructive feedback. If coaching is required this is the stage that it will be revealed. Again it should be the minimum to re-establish the vision and ensure they have the right skills/tools to complete the task.

Evaluate performance
Don’t forget to comment on the end product. Praise is a great motivator, so seek to give it out generously when evaluating the tasks of others. Even if the job was done poorly, start and end feedback with a positive.

LGB Direct is a direct sales and marketing firm based in London. The firm specialises in improving their clients’ customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness. They do this through face-to-face marketing techniques that create personalised and long lasting relationships between the brand and the consumer.

LGB Direct enforce leadership skills early on through their Business Development Program where they teach students all the skills needed to own their own business, such as leadership, decision making and business strategies. LGB Direct understands that having the ability to be able to replace oneself is incredibly useful and essential in business. 

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