LGB Direct – How modesty could be holding UK SME’s back

A recent study has revealed that a number of small UK business owners are uncomfortable promoting their businesses due to a fear it could be seen as boasting. LGB Direct review how this could be holding many new business owners back, and offer solutions to help instill more self-confidence.

New research shows that the Brits' modesty is holding SME's back from business growth. In fact, a survey conducted by Campfire Communications reveals that 42 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: "I know I'm good at what I do but I am embarrassed to say it as it comes across as boastful." Lyudmil Borisov, MD of LGB Direct, says: "It is a shame that so many business owners of British SME's accept limited business growth. They need their stories to be heard." LGB Direct therefore encourages small business owners to step up and put their name out there, to stand out from competitors and achieve their well-deserved success.

Small businesses are crucial for economic growth. SME's make up 99.9 per cent of private sector businesses and 60 per cent of private sector jobs. By allowing SME's to develop their full potential, the CBI says they could bring an additional £20 billion into the British economy by 2020. According to the Campfire Communications' survey, half of British small businesses felt inspired to grow their business but were unsure how, while 44 per cent said they did not have enough customers. This is where LGB Direct comes in. The firm recommends direct marketing as a solution for small businesses to spread positive brand awareness and interact with consumers.

The London based direct sales and marketing firm supports their clients by raising brand awareness and selling and promoting their products and services. LGB Direct's unique face-to-face approach guarantees direct results and increased customer engagement. MD Lyudmil Borisov says: "Our clients outsource their sales and marketing campaigns to us. In return, we deliver the results as discussed and we have the advantage to meet with consumers in person. That means that we receive direct feedback first-hand from customers and can pass this on to our clients, so they can act on it immediately," adds Lyudmil Borisov.

By keeping up great relationships with customers and increasing positive brand awareness, LGB Direct have increased sales for their clients by over 35 per cent in the first three quarters of 2014 which has led to significant business growth. "We really hope that more small business owners will overcome their fears that promoting their brand could be seen as boasting," says Lyudmil Borisov of LGB Direct. "As a result, we should see an increasing number of small business owners on the right way to increase awareness, sales and grow their business in the UK."

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