Legs4Africa Fundraiser Cassie Cava… Super Heroin

News provided by Legs4Africa on Thursday 7th May 2015

Cycling 170 miles over three days is a challenge which most people would avoid. Not only does she have a name that might be found in the pages of marvel comics but, Cassie Cava, 23, has stepped up to the challenge with her prosthetic leg to cycle from London to Paris.

Despite being born with a condition commonly referred to as 'club foot' and having a series of operations as a child.

After leaving school Cassie broke her foot requiring reconstructive surgery. After several operations Cassie was left in constant pain and struggling with mobility. She had severe joint damage with little hope of recovery. For most the prospect of an amputation would be a daunting one but Cassie, who had struggled for six years in pain took the pragmatic view:

"I'd been through far too much to accept such a poor outcome, so for me, the decision to amputate was a very straight forward one."

Since the amputation Cassie no longer struggles with pain when swimming, running, skiing and, of course, cycling.

"Already, at six months post amputation, my quality of life is better than I could have ever imagined and I can do things I only dreamed of doing this time last year."

After her operation to have her foot amputated Cassie volunteered to be a patient model for handicap international where she learned of the lack of prosthetics in disaster zones and the sad fact that many of the patients would not receive the equipment and aftercare they so desperately needed. Cassie began researching the problem and she discovered Legs4Africa and was 'blown away' by the work that they do.

"As a long term patient, and a medical student, I am aware of the medical waste protocols and think it's incredibly frustrating that these spare prosthetic limbs can't be reused here in the UK."

Which is why she is cycling over one hundred and fifty miles to raise money for Legs4Africa to ensure that used limbs from the UK do not go to waste.

Help give the amputees of Africa mobility, give them the freedom to walk, to run, to cycle by sponsoring Cassie now at Just Giving here.

About Legs4Africa

Once a prosthetic leg has been used or tested in the UK it is considered a biohazard and cannot be used again within the EU. However there is nothing stopping these legs being put to use to improve the lives of amputees in Africa

Legs4Africa have stepped in to end the wasteful disposal of prosthetic legs and get them to where they needed. A prosthetic leg has the power to repair a human being's confidence and rebuild a human life forever.

The Legs4Africa story is just getting started. We are an unpaid volunteer collective who recently acquired charity status, and your help is vital to us. So far, the response from our supporters and collaborative partners alike has been overwhelming. The donation of a prosthetic leg has instant power to change a human life, as does a monetary donation to contribute towards shipping costs.

In the UK, over 5,000 prosthetic legs are discarded every year, many of them in perfect condition. Once a prosthetic limb has been used or even tried on, it is considered a biohazard and cannot be redistributed in the EU. In many cases, organisations such as hospitals and care homes are forced pay to have prosthetic legs disposed of.

Legs4Africa dream of an Africa where amputees have what they need to get back on their feet.

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