Learn faster using Legends Incorporated hacks

Legends Incorporated are advocates of education and the direct sales and marketing specialists have cultivated a culture of development. The London-based firm has shared their hacks for learning faster.

In business knowledge is power, gathering insider knowledge adds value and even leverage over the competition when competing for a client or collecting trust from a consumer. London-based Legends Incorporated are advocates of education and have committed an element of their culture to personal and professional development. In a recent workshop, the firm revealed their top hacks on learning at an accelerated pace:

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1. Start simple – New skills require time and attention; a good way of breaking t down is laying the foundations of knowledge. Then determining how best this will be incorporated into the systems being used, and following that develop an action plan for success.

2. Chunk time – Times a resource for many is limited. A Harvard psychologist George A. Miller developed chunking, a theory that centred around tasks being split into small manageable chunks. Research has shown this method to be mostly successful.

3. Talk it through with someone – Practice reading out loud information that needs learning, this multi-level brain processing was found t be more effective than silent learning. A study at Montreal University has supporting evidence to back up this theory.

4. Write things down – with technological advances it is all too easy to rely on the internet for information. Upskilling requires knowledge to be learnt. A study by Betsy Sparrow of Columbia University confirmed that delegates who consciously wrote down heart facts free hand were more likely to retain information.

5. Take useful breaks – breaks are helpful when used properly, timed, and scheduled breaks are less likely to be detrimental to productivity.

Legends Incorporated expanded from Europe in 2016. Due to huge demand from their clients in the United Kingdom, the firm selected top performers and moved them to London. The UK is currently the quickest growing direct marketing stream in Europe, with a majority of nationwide brands in energy, telecom or charity sectors now possessing massive expansion budgets. After setting infrastructure in the UK's capital, the firm is opening our first outside division in Maidstone. The initial goal is to open up 30 more locations across the UK by the end of 2019. Legends Incorporated will take care of your entire direct sales and marketing needs. You can put your trust in Legends Incorporated to deliver an unparalleled service on quality and results.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/297908

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