Launching a new, unique and innovative online re-marketing technology called Search Retargeting that retargets from page level visits

Only available in the UK from Boost My Profit from 2017

A technology that will out-perform and dominate sales leads in the marketplace – Search Retargeting targets company’s ideal customers before they visit their website not after.

Boost My Profit can boast they are the only agency in the UK to offer the technology of Search Retargeting by page visit. The technology works very simplistically tracking potential customers who search buying keywords online and visit related webpages highly relevant to advertiser’s websites – all in real time.

Search Retargeting technology then begins showing ads to the potential customers from the next page they visit online that displays ads. Prospective customers see the ad frequently without having even visited the advertiser’s website.

The benefit of this technology is the cost-saving it can have on advertising costs. It cuts out the need for cost per click (CPC) spend. At Boost My Profit we have eliminated the middleman and with our game-changing, advanced and unique retargeting method, we are able to get the traffic cheaper – passing on the savings.

Other benefits are the ability to offer real time targeting to reach more potential customers a lot quicker which will lead to higher conversions and ultimately increase companies’ profits.

Jeffrey Benson, Managing Director of Boost My Profit, is excited to be launching this product to the UK, “I feel, and know, this technology will revolutionise online marketing, Increasing traffic, leads and ultimately sales for our clients. We are encouraging companies to start using it before their competitors do as our technology is sector specific, i.e. we won’t take on national competing clients.”

Search Retargeting offers several benefits over and above being able to target prospective customers before they visit advertiser’s website. But ultimately it accesses the right data, reaches the right person at the right time who are in the market looking to buy.

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