Lammas Incrementum Take Their Services on the Road to Maximise Results

Glasgow-based event marketing specialists, Lammas Incrementum have hit the road to gain maximum exposure for their clients and increase their consumer base.

Lammas Incrementum's services are extremely attractive to clients because they are low-risk and profitable. The firm is so confident in their ability to get results that they offer their services on a no win no fee basis. Through pop-up events and in-store promotions at events and venues around the country, the brand ambassadors of Lammas Incrementum can meet customers face to face, build relationships, handle queries, instil consumer confidence and build brand loyalty.

About Lammas Incrementum:

Managing Director at Lammas Incrementum, Rory McLeod announced that the firm had taken their services on the road, with business trips in Scarborough, Whitby, Montrose and Carlisle. “In just three short months since we launched, we have exceeded client expectations in Glasgow, and as a result, there is a demand for us to expand our services into other markets,” commented Mr McLeod.

The firm has a successful track-record taking their services on the road, with a venture to Cumbria in March, which generated excellent results and client feedback.

The four locations were areas that the firm’s client’s had identified as potential markets to break into. The business trips allowed Lammas Incrementum to assess consumer demand, gather data and customer feedback to provide statistics and analytics to their client’s. One of the primary purposes of running simultaneous trips was to create competition. It was a road trip bonanza, with the winning team incentivised with a top prize. Lammas Incrementum believes that competition motivates people to try harder and therefore boosts productivity and results.

Managing Director Rory McLeod selected the firm’s top performers and rising stars to lead the projects. “It was a massive undertaking, and lots of planning and preparation went into making sure everything ran smoothly and that we achieved the best results,” commented Mr McLeod.

Lammas Incrementum is a young firm with big growth goals, and the business trips play a vital role in the business achieving their goals. There is an air of anticipation around Lammas Incrementum, as potential expansion is on the horizon if they continue to exceed client targets.

Lammas Incrementum is an event-marketing firm based in Glasgow. The firm offers an opportunity to bring brands to life on a platform designed to excite, interest and engage a consumer base. With instant results, the firm guarantees new customer attainment and existing customer maximisation.

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Lammas Incrementum Take Their Services on the Road to Maximise Results