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As advocates of professional development, Lammas Incrementum regularly works with young professionals to offer them guidance so that they can reach their dreams. To support their mission, the firm recently reviewed why it is so important for people to follow their dreams and live their best lives.

As a young start-up, Lammas Incrementum fully endorses entrepreneurship. The firm is committed to nurturing the talent of young sales and marketing professionals who are looking to achieve their dreams in business. As such, they offer ongoing development opportunities, where they have access to mentorship, support and a network of seasoned industry experts.

About Lammas Incrementum:

Lammas Incrementum were recently astounded to learn that a shocking 98 percent of people fail to achieve their dreams in their lifetime.

The firm believes that failing to achieve goals can lead to regret and the feeling of unfulfillment, which can have an adverse effect on a person's mental and physical wellbeing.

Studies have shown that negativity can limit a person’s potential for future success and cause them to feel demotivated and reduce their ambition.

As a result, the firm is now urging people to take active steps to fulfilling their goals no matter how big or small they may be and recently outlined some key steps to take to achieve this.

1) Take action now! Create a definite goal in the following fields: health, family, business, friends, hobbies

Lammas Incrementum encourages their workforce to clearly outline their aims in each area of their life and tell their professionals that it is never too late to take action.

2) Write that plan, and begin to contemplate what actions must be taken immediately.

The firm offers all of their professionals the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best sales and marketing figures in the industry. During the mentorship sessions, the contractors are encouraged to formulate a plan that details how they hope to achieve their goals and think about the necessary steps and life changes that will need to be made to complete the process.

3) Go forward with resolve

Determination and hard work are two essential components to success, and Lammas Incrementum is committed to ensuring that their workforce is trained to be resilient and are provided with all the tools needed to succeed as entrepreneurs.

The firm’s Managing Director, Rory Mcleod says “We were shocked to learn that 98 percent of people fail to achieve their dreams in their lifetime and wanted to reaffirm our commitment to encouraging young professionals to take charge of their development and actively chase their dreams. No one likes the feeling of unfulfillment, which is why we’re doing everything we can to support young people to see the value of entrepreneurialism.”

Based in Glasgow, Lammas Incrementum is an outsourcing solution for brands looking to increase brand awareness, sales and revenue. Their personalised approach to event marketing has enabled them to develop lasting relationships between brands and consumers.

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