Lammas Incrementum publish the beginners guide to motivation

Motivation is the driving force that enables people to follow through on their goals. Glasgow-based event marketing specialists Lammas Incrementum are passionate about helping people to achieve and maintain that motivation, and they have published the beginners guide.

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The road to success is full of ups and downs, the people who manage to maintain their motivation are the ones who arrive at the final destination,” claims Managing Director at Lammas Incrementum, Rory McLeod.

1. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Lammas Incrementum concur with the theory that a person becomes who they surround themselves with - and that staying motivated involves having an inner circle of people who are also highly motivated. While the end goal may be different, having people to share stories with and compare progress will help to stay motivated.

2. Get started

Taking that leap of faith to get started can be the hardest part, argues Lammas Incrementum. “Taking action and getting started forces the motivation process to begin,” said Mr. McLeod.

3. Track your progress

Tracking progress is imperative to know that growth is taking place. At Lammas Incrementum they urge their staff and contractors to set weekly goals, and regularly assess and evaluate their progress. The event-marketing specialists encourage people to write down once a week what they have achieved.

4. Set deadlines

Deadlines are vital as they inspire urgency and eradicate procrastination claims Lammas Incrementum. Deadlines keep people focused and motivated to achieve their goals. "Without a finish line, it can be hard for people to stay motivated," claims Rory McLeod.

5. Share your goals

The last and possibly most important step to motivation for beginners is to share goals with others. "Telling other people your goals makes you accountable and can help keep you focussed when you feel like quitting," said Mr. McLeod. Lammas Incrementum encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and budding professionals to find a coach or mentor to assist and encourage them to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Lammas Incrementum is an event-marketing firm based in Glasgow. The firm offers an opportunity to bring brands to life on a platform designed to excite, interest and engage a consumer base. With instant results, the firm guarantees new customer attainment and existing customer maximisation. The firm argues that motivation is the catalyst for success and they urge people to us their guide to achieve and maintain motivation.



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