reveals expansion and rebranding of the Kensington Narrators Arts & Heritage Archive

Originally launched in response to the Grenfell tragedy, the Archive will document life, art, and the cultural heritage of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Kensington, 20 September 2019 – In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017, Christina Sealy and a group of North Kensington residents created an archive to permanently document the local art and imagery that had emerged in the outpouring of grief, anger, trauma, and loss which followed the disaster. Two years later, as many of these archived works are being prepared for exhibition, Kensington Narrators is formally expanding the Archive’s focus past the time of tragedy; it will include all creative works about life in the RBKC — including the stories of the diverse individuals who have made their lives here, past and present.

In September 2018, the Heritage Lottery Foundation generously provided funding to expand and enhance the Archive. Building on hundreds of hours of voluntary work already committed by local organisers, and with the partnership of local organisations including Birkbeck University of London, Bishopsgate Institute, Talent Rich CIC, and FERARTS, Kensington Narrators has obtained specialized equipment, hosted multiple workshops and events, and continued to engage local artists and creatives to support the project.

Christina Sealy, a lifelong resident of North Kensington (and now a 2019 London Civic Futures leader), spent a year in consultation with local residents and community leaders, seeking ways to help her community deal with their new reality — a burnt tower on the skyline as a constant reminder of loss. What emerged from her research was that there were many artistic and creative responses to Grenfell, but that the only public record — if any existed — was owned or controlled by media interests. Christina and others feared that these works would be lost to time, and that the media lens of events would be the only interpretation visible to history. The Archive was born.

In Christina’s words: “Since Grenfell, our community’s young people have come to understand that the media cannot be the only voice telling our story. The preservation of our local heritage is a creative, educative and empowering response to the tragedy. The Archive will document, preserve and exhibit our experience of the fire, while also celebrating our community in all its diversity, resilience and collaboration.”

After transferring a banner to the archive, local mother Tamsin Wright said, “A weight has been lifted. I felt a responsibility holding onto this item, and now I feel lighter.”

At Archive project workshops and events, local residents are provided access to training, equipment, tools, and education to frame and preserve their own heritage. Birkbeck historians have led workshops aimed at young people, showing them how to use archives to learn about the history of their community, to create inspiring art, video, and written projects, to be showcased in a permanent digital exhibition which represents their unique, diverse identities and artistic abilities.

Dr. Julia Laite, Lecturer in History at Birkbeck, has been a key collaborator. “The important part of this project is that it will build capacity to continue to document, preserve, and interpret the culture, art and heritage of Grenfell’s community in a format that can be widely accessed for many generations to come.”

The Kensington Narrators Arts & Heritage Archive is physically held at Bishopsgate Institute, and managed by trustees made up of RBKC residents.

On 12 October, a special archiving, networking, and exhibition event will be held at The Tabernacle W11; for details, and to register attendance, visit Those interested in contributing work to the Archive may use; early contributors may have their work exhibited during the October event.

For more information, please contact Christina Sealy, Director of Strategy & Engagement at Talent Rich CIC.

Contact: Christina Sealy

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