Is this the Fastest Cloud Hosting on Earth? Cyber Host Pro takes on Amazon, Google & Microsoft and wins!


Cyber Host Pro, a hosting company based in Liverpool has successfully run tests proving that their cloud hosting performance is superior to that of AWS (Amazon), Google Cloud and Azure (Microsoft).

It was 2002 when now CEO of Cyber Host Pro Chris Danks purchased his first dedicated server with a goal in mind to deliver an unparalleled hosting experience at competitive pricing. Fast forward to 2018 and Cyber Host Pro are not only running off the very best rack servers that Dell has to offer, but they’ve won an abundance of technology awards, are now working with investors and have recently achieved the holy grail in benchmarks – beating Microsoft, Google and Amazon on cloud hosting performance.

What the results show

You can see the full results attached to this release or check on: The results clearly show that larger cloud hosting companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are somewhat lacking significantly in performance.

IOPS, also known as input/output operations per second, is a metric used in hosting to measure performance. The results show that Cyber Host Pro’s hosting was vastly superior to its much larger rivals.

Why this result matters

The big tech giants are continually eating up market-share but are we as consumers getting the best bang for our buck? If this test is anything to go by, the conglomerates definitely aren’t delivering, yet we almost blindly buy into their brand.

When asked to remark on these results Chris Danks, CEO of Cyber Host Pro said “It was shocking to see how poor the benchmarks were on other UK cloud servers run by the big providers. Google Cloud, Azure and AWS had an incredibly poor read/write ratio which would would make any online company suffer when reading and writing data. Take an E-Commerce website at Christmas for example, with performance levels as low as these the hosting would struggle with multiple concurrent users which could fundamentally leader to loss of visitors and more crucially, revenue.

In today’s world, speed is everything online – which is why we have spared absolutely zero expense on ensuring that we only have the fastest performing servers as possible. We know that happy customers are good customers. We would challenge that the larger companies have become massively complacent with their performance and rely on numbers rather than delivering anything close to optimal for its users.”

Site Speed is now a central focus for site owners

As consumers we expect our browsing and general internet experience to be a fast and efficient one and this expectation is rising year on year forcing webmasters and site owners to upgrade their sites to run at optimum levels. Search giant Google also announced that site speeds directly affect rankings for websites found within its indices causing an unprecedented number of site owners to pay meticulous attention to their hosting speeds.

When talking with Chris on site speed he explained “There’s a direct correlation between faster websites doing a better job at retaining visitors and we want to give our customers the ability to provide that performance to their customers”.

NNGroup show that 47% of users expect a website to load in under 2 seconds and that if a website wasn’t to load in that time period, they’d move onto the next website – so performance is clearly vital to get right.

Take the Cyber Host Pro challenge

Cyber Host Pro are calling all users of Google, Amazon and Microsoft cloud services to take their challenge. Make the move to Cyber Host Pro for 7 days and if there isn’t a significant uptick in performance, you’ll get money back.

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Is this the Fastest Cloud Hosting on Earth? Cyber Host Pro takes on Amazon, Google & Microsoft and wins!