Is modern jewellery a true reflection of identity?

Nothing is quite as symbolic of identity as a piece of jewellery. Quality jewellery is unique and handmade allowing the wearer to feel a connection to the piece and a sense of ownership in discovery.

Jewellery is often purchased or received as a marker of important events in a person’s life. These moments are as unique as the individual possessing them. Reaching the height of who we are deserves to be celebrated and marked with a piece of jewellery as significant as the person. Being in our prime is a process, and it looks different for everyone. A person’s prime can be physically, mentally, emotionally, or any other way.

Jewellery’s true meaning has been lost and buried in time and under the influence of modern fashion. The jewellery industry has not been immune to the world’s meaningless consumerism and waste. Jewellery has been transformed from ateliers and craftsmanship into an “industry.” Jewellery has become a reflection of the moment rather than a timeless piece reflecting the wearers truest identity. Whilst we continue to buy mass produced jewellery and accessories we will keep on pushing true craftsmen and artists to compete with brands that produce purely for the sake of profit. It is impossible to mass produce identity and individuality when each person is uniquely themselves.

Identity can also be found in clothing, and there are a handful of brands offering ethically produced, handmade pieces. Although, offering one of a kind fashion results in most customer’s being unable to afford these pieces, which is why clothing is made with a variety of predefined options. These predefined options result in a loss of a one’s unique identity.

True jewellery must be above what is found in major retail outlets. is a new up and coming jewellery designer based in London. They understand and value the identity jewellery brings stating, “We would love nothing more than to have our timeless pieces worn with vintage, second-hand, or ethically manufactured clothing. We treat every ring, necklace, and earring as art. Each piece has a story inspired by the Scandinavian scenery. Our jewellery is handmade in the UK as the fruit of our values.”

Seeing brands like InOnesPrime stand against mass production and consumerism while upholding craftsmanship and individuality is wonderful. We should be investing in artists who promote individuality and sustainability, in order to regain power over our own personal identities. We should not encourage fast fashion when households in the UK fail to wear 73% of their wardrobes and the majority of the items we buy end up in landfills. It is a clear example of how we prioritise quantity over quality.

No one lives the same life, and everyone deserves a piece of jewellery as unique as they are. By investing consciously in items that we love and care for we will save more over the longer period of time.

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Is modern jewellery a true reflection of identity?