Intimate vibrations a tap away with world’s first app-controlled smart underwear

Cueme, the world’s first app-controlled underwear launches today.

Cueme is a wearable meets dating social network, which allows people to control vibrations in their underwear, or that of another like-minded adult, anywhere in the world through a smartphone.

Cueme was designed by Chinese entrepreneur and inventor Tracy Li, who wanted a way to maintain intimacy over a long-distance relationship. The result was the first generation of Cueme underwear, of which 10,000 were produced and sold in China.

The second generation of Cueme underwear is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo. It is made from more comfortable, washable, materials and designed to a more natural shape and fit. The controller, which powers the underwear, is also smaller and more discreet.

In addition, the latest battery technology means that up to three hours of smart intimacy can be experience on a 30-minute charge.

Control vibrations with touch, voice or music

A small bluetooth-enabled controller attaches to the underwear. Users pair it with their smartphone in order to power their own garment, or give someone else permission via the app.

There are different vibration speeds that work by touch, or be programmed to work with music or a voice recording via the app.

Cueme gives users the option to connect with like-minded adults worldwide. To do so, users create a public profile, which is searchable via the app.

However, privacy controls put the power to connect in the hands of each wearer, who can decide who does or doesn’t see their profile. Cueme neither collects nor stores any data about users.

Available to pre-order for $59

Available in Spring 2018, Cueme will retail at $99 for one garment and controller. However, it can be pre-ordered today on Indiegogo for a limited super-early bird price of $59.

Cueme also offers a Couples Pack of two, also for pre-order. This contains either one female and one male, or two same-sex garments.

Though smart underwear prototypes have been produced in the past, Cueme is the only product of its kind in production. Unlike existing teledildonics, such as smart vibrators, the fact that Cueme is underwear means it can be worn discreetly all day.

Cueme founder and CEO Tracy Li says that the goal is to turn Cueme into a leader in adult lifestyle products and wearables:

“We’ve opened up a new world of excitement for couples worldwide, as well as for individuals who want to virtually meet and share intimacy with other like-minded adults. We see our smart underwear as only the start of a social-sexual revolution.

“We plan to launch more products in the next 12 months, and aim to make ‘to Cueme’ a phrase that is synonymous with remotely shared pleasure, whether people are in the same room, or the other side of the world.”


About Cueme

Cueme is a Shenzhen, China, based technology company. Having raised over $2.5 million from angel investors, Cueme launched the world’s first smart, app-controlled underwear for the Chinese market in 2016.

The second generation of Cueme is now available to pre-order for audiences worldwide via the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform, with shipping expected in March or April 2018.

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Intimate vibrations a tap away with world’s first app-controlled smart underwear